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    Milk is essential for good health. Be it a growing kid, a teenager or a pregnant woman, milk is important for all, as it contains vital vitamins and minerals. Milk is rich in calcium and phosphorus which are necessary for maintaining healthy teeth and bone. It also contains protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fat. Protein is important for a growing kid as it helps in building muscles and promotes enhanced growth, whereas, carbohydrates provides energy to the body which is essential to stay ahead and excel in this competitive world. Various vitamins and minerals like vitamin B and d are important for stronger immune system and healthy hair and skin. Condensed milk is a highly stable milk product. It is a thick, syrupy liquid made by removing about 60% of water from milk. Condensed milk retains all the important constituents of regular milk. Sugar is added to it before canning to improve taste and make it last longer. It is extensively used in many countries for baking and other dessert preparations. Canned milk doesn't need to be boiled at regular intervals to prevent souring. It is also helpful for people living in areas where milk is hard to find as it can last for years. Now you can buy condensed milk online from our online hypermarket in India. It is an easy replacement for milk as it lasts longer, tastes better and is easier to useFor more than a century, kids in India have grown accustomed to several powdered milk options that help them stay healthy and strong. People who prefer milk with a longer shelf-life choose powdered milk. Milk powder contains several standard amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins, and are also high in soluble minerals and vitamins. You can understand the several benefits and uses of different types of powdered milk here..

    Sweet Condensed Milk

    Sweet condensed milk is a very popular form of condensed milk. It is used for numerous sweet dish preparations and can also be consumed by adding tea and coffee. Sweet condensed milk can also be served as regular milk by adding water to it. Our online store helps you to buy condensed milk from best brands of the country like nestle milkmaid, amul and so on, from the comfort of your home. We have low fat condensed milk and as well special flavoured sweet condensed milk for popular delicacies like cakes, kheer, kulfi, laddoos and many more. Shop from our store where you can choose much tasty and healthy sweet condensed milk from the best condensed milk online.

    Why do we need milk powder?

    Milk is an excellent source of calcium. Therefore, it is important to include milk in children's regular diet. And since fresh milk has a very short shelf-life, powdered milk is used as a supplementary option. People prefer milk powder for its longer shelf life since it doesn't require refrigeration. Milk powder is a dairy product that is manufactured by evaporating the milk to dry. Due to a low moisture content in milk powders, they can be stored at room temperature.

    Variants in milk powder

    One cup of skimmed milk powder has no cholesterol and is considered ideal for people with a strict diet. Skimmed milk itself has a negligible amount of cholesterol levels. While skimmed milk powder is suitable for adults with diet control, children can also indulge in the goodness of nutrients with chocolate milk powder. Get your child excited for a nutrient-rich chocolate drink made out of chocolate milk powder.

    Nature of milk powder

    Milk powder is loaded with magnesium, potassium, zinc, calcium and minerals. Milk powder is also available online in different packages and sizes. It is also used as a beauty product to reduce dullness of the skin and to boost collagen. Milk powder face packs are popular among ladies as it mildly cleanses and smoothens the skin. Milk powder can not only be used as a substitute for milk but also be used for making sour cream, white sauce and delicious yoghurt. Sweets made of milk powder taste great and can be made in a jiffy using very few ingredients. Nestle's powdered milk is very popular because of its good quality and taste it has maintained for years together. Nestle is so popular that it is almost a synonym for the word milkmaid in India. Sweetened condensed milk by Nestle has reached millions of Indian dishes, be it traditional recipes or modern desserts.

    Know more about condensed milk

    Just like powdered milk substitutes milk, Nestle milkmaid substitutes sugar in a variety of sweets. Using milkmaid while making sweets adds richness and creamy texture to the sweets making it more delectable. Milkmaid is nothing but sweetened condensed milk to make your work easier and quicker. The taste of milkmaid is irresistible. In popular e-commerce websites like bigbasket, you can compare milkmaid price with other sweeteners for better interpretation of the product. Mouth-watering sweets can be prepared in minutes using powdered milk and condensed milk. You can grab your pack of powdered milk from by ordering online bigbasket and get it delivered at your doorstep.


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