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    Toast without butter isn’t really toast. And pancakes without butter? Well, that's just unimaginable. How oh how can you make your favourite chocolate cake without loads of delicious butter? Well, lucky for you getting your favourite butter is as simple as logging on to bigbasket and ordering it. That's right you can get your favourite brand of butter from bigbasket today and have it delivered right to your home. Planning on doing some baking in the kitchen but don't want the salt in your butter to dominate the flavour? bigbasket has unsalted butter that you can use for that purpose. Unsalted butter really helps brings out other flavours in your dish without being too overpowering. bigbasket hosts several different brands of butter, such as Mother Dairy butter. Amul butter and more. Butter from different brands have slightly different ingredients to give it a unique flavour, so be sure to check the butter nutrition available online when you shop at bigbasket. Love peanuts? Then you will love the peanut butter readily available on bigbasket. Whether you’re looking for crunchy peanut butter, creamy peanut butter or both creamy and crunchy peanut butter, you’ll find it all at bigbasket. All your sandwiches will taste like they were made in heaven when you choose the fresh butter sold on bigbasket. You can also try organic peanut butter but be sure to check the butter nutrition first to make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. Planning to make an afternoon sandwich? Get your favourite dose of garlic butter from bigbasket. You can also make your own garlic butter by purchasing unsalted butter and adding garlic to it later. Got a thing for almond butter? bigbasket has that too. This is a great option for people following a vegan lifestyle. A few simple clicks and your butter will be on its way to you. Almond butter is made from great-tasting fresh almonds ground to a paste. It can also be used to make excellent almond butter cookies. Running low on butter? bigbasket will remind you of your usual purchases while you checkout. So you can buy peanut butter, almond butter or garlic butter in a matter of seconds and never run out of it again. The great thing about buying butter online is that you can choose as little or as much as you need. Get a bigger pack or small cubes depending on your needs. Have a delicious buttery experience by shopping on bigbasket!

    Butter and Margarine

    Butter is a co-dairy product that adds a delicious taste to your food. Processed butter can be fattening, however is considered under the category of good fats. Be it on your toast or pancakes, used to make your cakes or simply sauté your vegetables, butter is a must include ingredient. It is derived by churning fresh or fermented cream to separate butterfat from buttermilk. Similarly, while butter is a great option to use as a spread, there are other butter spreads available as well such as peanut butter, almond butter and white butter. You can find a variety of butter from different brands on bigbasket’s online store. Butter comes in two varieties namely salted and unsalted butter. While unsalted butter is the right option to use for all your baking needs, salted butter is great to enhance the flavors of your cooking. Amul is undeniably one of the best brands of butters available in the market. Amul butter nutrition label can be found online while buying from bigbasket. Amul has Amul unsalted butter, Amul peanut butter as well as Amul salted butter. Similar to the regular butter, peanut butter also has its own set of health benefits. Derived from a blend of natural peanuts and butter, it is one of the most preferred spreads on toast in the market all over the world. Some of the best peanut butter brands in the Indian market are Sundrop peanut butter, Dr Oetker peanut butter and Funfoods peanut butter. All these brands can be found on our online store to purchase, along with several more brands. You can also find a range of natural peanut butter while shopping online on bigbasket. Peanut butter price differs from one brand to another, and so does the butter price. The butter price in India is approximately Rs.45 to Rs.50 depending on the brand. You can now shop for butter, margarine, peanut butter online on bigbasket. Since butter has to be maintained at the right temperature, our efficient delivery team will bring your carefully packed butter and deliver it at your doorstep in perfect condition. You need not worry about quality while shopping online on bigbasket. We carefully pick only top quality brands and offer them for nominal prices on our platform. Look out for discounts and offers while shopping online on bigbasket. Make your meals even more interesting by simply adding some butter or spread to it.