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    There are many special occasions in our life when we treat ourselves with special food. And among some delicious dishes that one can have during these occasions are palak paneer, butter paneer masala, and many more such dishes. While there are quite a few types of paneer available in the market, Amul paneer, soya paneer/ tofu paneer are the best to try. Among the wide range of selection of vegetarian food available soya paneer, Amul paneer, and Amul cream are the most popular ones. People usually choose Amul cream over other creams as it is one of the trusted brands in India. Amul makes fresh cream and delivers it to its prized customers. You can search Amul fresh cream on the official web page of Bigbasket and get some for you right away. You can get paneer at a reasonable price on Bigbasket. Paneer price may differ a bit depending on the quality and quantity of the brand but nonetheless, it is still fresh and you receive an exciting discount on your purchase. Purchasing at Bigbasket is always beneficial for our customers as it saves their time and money. Imagine having to go out in the market in the heat and not finding any paneer. That’s the reason why you can buy your needs and requirements here on Bigbasket. Paneer benefits are innumerable. It is rich in protein, maintains blood sugar level, good for heart health, improves digestion, boosts weight loss and also has calcium. Tofu paneer is made from soybeans. Tofu is also known as bean curd. The first step to make this is by grinding dried soybeans with water and then it is turned into milk. Then, in a process similar to cheesemaking, the hot milk is curdled, in this case with coagulants like salts, acids, or enzymes. Tofu paneer and soya paneer are the same terms used for the same material. Tofu price varies depending on the brand and quality of the tofu paneer. Tofu might cause some problem to people but it is considered safe when consumed at regular interval. Tofu paneer is a soybean product and tofu price is reasonable if you’re purchasing it from Bigbasket. Cream is a dairy product that can be made at home and is eaten with food or as a topping to some desert. It is made from cow’s milk. The top supplier of cream in India is Amul cream. It is fresh and hygienic and packed in a good pack to be consumed by the consumers. On Bigbasket, Amul fresh cream price for 1 ltr pack is Rs. 182 and 250 ml pack is Rs. 57.00. Give your family the best of the dairy products that include Amul cream, soya paneer, and Amul paneer at the best price in the market by just opting it on Bigbasket. Bigbasket is the ideal platform for buying paneer, tofu, and cream online. With exciting discounts, good quality, delicious dairy products at an affordable price is something you should not miss out on. Go ahead and order these on Bigbasket right away!