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    From the ancient days you would have known only two types of butter milk – one that your mother or grand mother prepared at home and the other one is when you can buy butter milk from the local sellers who would sell across the street. In the first case it is extremely tedious and in the competitive world of today you hardly get time to prepare it at home. In the second case you may not be sure if the buttermilk that you are buying is prepared in a healthy manner. So the safest option for you that is available today is to buy milk online. Butter milk online is available in sealed and packaged containers that are free of any sort of germs. These are produces by health conscious brands like Amul which we have trusted for centuries. So now when you buy butter milk you can simply log on to our website and the best part is that you can also select the quantity that you want – be it the small one time consumption pack or the tetra pack that you can store and use for long term consumption. When you buy butter milk online you are ensuring that your family has one of the most healthiest drinks and natural drinks that are available in the market and also ensuring that it is tasty as well. You can also view soya milk on bigbasket.

    Buttermilk and Lassi

    Buttermilk or lassi? For the matter of fact, both are made of curd and both taste delicious. Apart from this, there isn't much similarity between buttermilk and lassi. While buttermilk is a thin, watery drink made with curd and water to which spices like cumin and green chillies are added, along with lots of water and a little curd, lassi is thicker, creamier. It can be made in a number of ways and you can also name it masala chaas. Unlike buttermilk, lassi is an indulgent drink which can be made in a number of ways. Make it salty, sweet, rose flavour, creamy, nutty or spicy, it will always delight you. Among the favourite drinks of rural and traditional India, both masala buttermilk and lassi are supremely delicious and quite easy-to-make. Buttermilk is a staple drink of Gujarat and Rajasthan whereas lassi is the celebrated drink of Punjab, though they are loved by almost the whole of India. One of the many buttermilk benefits is that it's a better option for people who are trying to lose weight. From the calorie perspective, buttermilk has the butterfat removed and more water added. Buttermilk is made by churning out the butter from milk on the other hand lassi is made by blending yoghurt with water and adding sugar or salt to taste. In hot summer afternoon when there is craving for something cold and yummy, complete your lassi online order through Bigbasket and get the stock as per your requirement. We at Bigbasket offer you Amul buttermilk plus Amul chaas and which you know is such a mouthwatering delight. If someday you want to treat just yourself, you should go for Amul buttermilk pouch, and here the Amul buttermilk pouch price is 45 rupees. And when you know you can get them in just one click, why waste your time and energy on going to market. Here you even get an exclusive discount from time to time at these Amul buttermilk prices. While specifically talking about Lassi, it is a traditional drink made with yoghurt. It is actually made by mixing yoghurt with water and certain spices, it tastes sweet, but there are variable tastes of lassi preferred all over India. If you are a Lassi lover here at Bigbasket you will get a lot of variety amongst which you even get to have the thick mother dairy lassi. Lassi is thicker and most of the time additional sugar, milk or milk cream is added to make it tasty. It is mostly consumed in place of a meal, sometimes with fruit chunks. Lassi also helps to get rid of acidity by coating the stomach lining, which helps to keep acids from moving up the food pipe, thereby reducing the feeling of heartburn. Both are good for people with ulcers and help to control flare-ups. At Bigbasket, we always aim to provide our customers with the best products , just order your favourite lassi and enjoy the delight.


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