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    Milk forms an integral part of a person’s diet and for a very long time, cow’s milk was the only available milk. Fortunately today a person with intolerance for dairy products has several different options to choose from right from plant-based milk to milk obtained from different animals like buffalo, sheep, goat and camel. Some of the popular alternatives to cow’s milk are almond milk, soy milk, rice milk and coconut milk. These are plant-based milk alternatives and each has its own health benefits. All these different plant-based milk do not have lactose and are lower in calories than cow’s milk and are rich in vitamins and nutrients. Among all the different types of milk available, soy milk is one of the most popular. Soy milk is made from soybeans that have been soaked, ground and boiled with water. Many health experts tout soy milk as the healthiest type of milk. Soy milk contains nearly double the number of proteins than almond milk which is another popular cow’s milk alternative. Almond milk is also low in carbohydrates and as such is less nutritionally balanced than soy milk. What makes soy milk so popular is that it is free from dairy, gluten, carrageenan, cholesterol and artificial colours and flavours. Soy milk is also a powerhouse of nutrition. The varied soy milk nutrition includes essential fatty acids, fibre, Vitamin A, B – 6, C and D, protein, calcium, iron, magnesium and cobalamin. There are innumerable health benefits to drinking soy milk, so much so that more and more people without any dairy allergies are opting for this healthful product over regular cow milk. Even kids can be seen sipping on soy milk owing to its great taste. Some of the many health benefits of soy milk are it reduces cholesterol level, aids weight loss, strengthen blood vessels, reduces the risk of prostate cancer, prevent osteoporosis, protects against post-menopausal syndromes, prevents kidney disease and diabetes, lowers the risk of breast cancer, improves immunity and protects mental health. Market shelves today are swelling with various different brands of soymilk but not all of them enjoy the same popularity as Sofit soya milk. The only other brand of soy milk that appears level with Sofit is Amul soya milk which also has a credible fan following of its soy milk. Sofit Soy milk India is available in 6 exciting flavours namely – soya chocolate milk, Kesar pista, soya milk vanilla, coffee mocha, mango and a plain sugar-free variant. If you haven’t tried these exciting flavours of soy milk, then buy soy milk online from bigbasket and enjoy your flavoured milk with friends and family. Sofit soy milk is conveniently packed in 200ml and 1 ltr tetra packs. The 200 ml Sofit soya milk price is Rs 30, but you can get it for only Rs 28.50 on bigbasket. You can save further when you purchase the value combo packs of Sofit from bigbasket. Similarly, the 1 ltr pack is available for Rs 114 as against the MRP of Rs 120, but you can save big by buying the combo 2 ltr packs of sofit soya milk where you can save Rs 38 on the MRP of two 1 ltr packs. With such big savings to be made buy your soy or almond milk online and take advantage of the exciting deals and discounts being offered by bigbasket.


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