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    Curd is one of the most compatible food items, as it can be sweet, spicy or both at the same time. Curd can also be used in different curries, vegetables, salads, and a dessert too. It comes in those food items which are not only delicious but also have great health benefits. Hatsun curd is one of the best selling curd around the world, its health benefits leave customers in amazement. Hatsun curd, heritage curd, jersey curd, and Hatsun low-fat curd are made from the fresh and pure milk. Curd can also be used on the skin in spite of only having orally as it improves immunity, helps in digestion, and loss weight, prevents premature wrinkles, removes dark spots and strengthens bones and teeth. As we all know that milk and curd both are always in high demand which lead to a hike in the price of the same. Curd price(dahi price) is increasing day by day and its quality is diminishing because of which many customers avoid having it. Curd packets in the market look fresh but it doesn't mean that those must be tasty and healthy and there is hardly any assurance. There are times when the taste of curd is that much sour that it becomes of no use. When you can have your favourite type of curd of your most-liked brand online delivered at your ordered place on time, then why go to the offline stores waste time, energy and money which might exhaust you? Hey! There is no need to worry when we are here at your service on Bigbasket. At Bigbasket, you can have curd basket and curd packets delivered at your doorsteps without any delays along with the assurance of quality, quantity, and price. Curds are dairy products obtained from the curdling of milk by using easily available substances like lemon juice or vinegar. The liquid is then drained off. The time taken for curdling depends on the weather and temperature conditions while the quality of curd depends mainly on the type of milk used and the starter used. Cottage cheese, Quark and Paneer are all examples of curd products. Cow curd is the most commonly used type of curd but buffalo milk is also used for the production of curds. Curd from buffalo milk is thicker and richer in fat. Buy curd not only because it tastes great but also to enjoy the great number of health benefits. Curd is one of the valuable therapeutic foods. It aids smooth digestion, and helps in the treatment of gastro intestinal disorder, jaundice and even sleep disorders like insomnia. Its positive effects are visible too as it helps keep your skin soft and glowing by countering the ill effects of the scorching sun. It is also a very effective conditioner for your hair which will keep your hair healthy, soft and glowing. It’s combined effects prevent premature old age and decay. Our online grocery store makes available to you the best quality curds from the best and most reputed brands of milk products in India including Amul, Britannia, Nestle and Hartleys among others. Shop for good quality, pure curd from our online store from the comfort of your homes.

    Buy Curd Online

    Buttermilk is milk that is pasteurized and homogenized. Buy buttermilk of good quality and enjoy its health benefits which include treatment of obstinate skin disease like eczema. Masala buttermilk is a type of Indian buttermilk which is a perfect drink in the summers. Buttermilk price at our store are easily affordable. Buy buttermilk in India and enjoy a healthy life that comes from a healthy diet.Here, at Bigbasket, we offer you different varieties of curd of different great brands and at an aggressive price. You can have skimmed curd of your most-liked brand. At Bigbasket, we have maintained the price and quality of products in such a manner so that not even a single customer would deny our offer. At Bigbasket, heritage curd price is Rs. 55(inclusive of all taxes) of 400 gm cup, heritage curd bucket price starts from Rs. 25 of 200 gm, 1 kg curd price is Rs. 99 only which may vary according to the brand. These price rates are comparatively lesser than those of offline stores where there is no assurance of quality, quantity, and price. At Bigbasket, we ensure that the quality of our products should always maintain your standards. We make sure that our each and every grocery item should be of the best quality. This is exactly why before offering you anything, there is a quality test of the products which gives you the assurance. We always keep in our mind to fulfill the expectations of our customers, because your expectations are our aims to be fulfilled. That's why we have become India's one of the most reputed best quality selling online grocery platform. Keep continuing healthy shopping from our website and enjoy our amazing offers, only on Bigbasket.


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