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    What is edible oil? Edible oil is the oil that you use to prepare your food. Cooking is almost impossible without the use of oils. Oils not only help the ingredients to mix and cook well, but are enhance the flavour of your food. Edible Oils can be plant-based, nut-based or extracted from other sources. Bigbasket brings you a wide range of edible cooking oils on its online store to buy from. Edible coconut oil is the best edible oil and one of the most common oils used in cooking. It is said to have numerous health as well as beauty benefits, owing to its high nutrition value. Also, edible olive oil is being widely used for cooking, especially in recent times. It is considered good for those who are weight conscious. Olive oil is widely used in the Italian cuisine. You can find a range of edible vegetable oils, including blended edible vegetable oil, on bigbasket that are manufactured by trusted brands. The edible oil price depends on the type of oil and the brand. Fortune edible oil is the most preferred brand that you can find in the market. There are brands that also supply organic edible oil or pure edible oil. These do not undergo processing. Some of the other brands that you can find while shopping online with us are SVS refined oil, Chekko (for cold pressed edible oils), < a href=https://www.bigbasket.com/pb/idhayam/>Idhayam, VVD and many others. If you are looking to buy edible oil online, check out the online store of bigbasket for a variety of options. Choose from a wide range of flavoured edible oils, add them to your cart and order away. Your grocery shopping can now be taken care of from the comfort of your house, with our swift delivery system. Enjoy flavoursome meals by choosing the oil of your choice on bigbasket.