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    Are you looking for a way to instantly add flavour and energy to your food? Ghee and Vanaspati are commonly used substances for cooking purposes all over India. While ghee is clarified butter and adds flavour to any dish, Vanaspati ghee is a hydrogenated vegetable oil that is often substituted for oil. These are always a must in every Indian household’s grocery list and can now be bought easily on bigbasket’s online store. Ghee benefits are plenty as it helps you with weight loss, strengthens your bones and has many other benefits. Although ghee calories are high, they fall under the good kind of fat and are recommended by health experts to incorporate in our daily diet. Being one of the major ingredients of the Indian kitchens, desi ghee is frequently consumed as it is with chappati, idly or dosa. Ghee nutrition is high in value and there are many brands that offer them under their product line. GRB ghee is one of the most popular brands of ghee that you can find in the Indian market. However, you can also find other famous brands such as Amul, Nandini ghee, Aavin ghee and numerous other brands while shopping online with us. Similarly, vanaspati ghee is sold by several brands in the Indian market. Dalda is a brand name every Indian household is aware of. Dalda vanaspati comes in packs of 100ml and 500ml and can be bought on our online store easily. Your options to buy ghee online or even vanaspati are plenty on our platform. You need not step out of your house to complete your grocery shopping just in case you run out of any of these in your kitchen. Simply order them online on bigbasket and have it delivered to your doorstep within no time. We take our customers health very seriously and provide only top quality brands on bigbasket. Uplift the flavour of your meal by adding some flavoursome ghee to it.

    Ghee Vanaspati

    Desi Ghee! It must have reminded you of your mother's paratha which would've remained incomplete without ghee. Pure ghee is a vital source of energy and always recommend by the elderly people of the house. Naturally prepared organic ghee is not only one of the favourites among the Indian household but also a rare sight to see in present day scenario due to adulteration. However, we, at Bigbasket, are here at your service to provide you with the best quality ghee in India. Ghee benefits can make up a long list. Ghee along with being one of Ayurveda's most treasured foods, also possess medicinal qualities. Cow ghee is also considered as a superfood and a great immunity booster. It serves as a great remedy for cold as it helps you keep warm from inside. It is also beneficial for intestine and a great help for keeping constipation at bay. As against the common myth, ghee is good for the heart, it comprises of naturally occurring saturated fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamin, which are good for health. Ghee is excellent for improving memory and maintaining mental health. We have a wide variety of ghee scaling from gir cow ghee to desi cow ghee. And various types of other ghee are dalda ghee and desi ghee which are major parts of our ghee stocks. We, at Bigbasket, offer you a number of brands to choose from and best ghee prices. Amul ghee is very famous for its unique flavour and nutritional value. Patanjali ghee is itself a promise of purity and quality. Vanaspati ghee is preferred by many households because of its great nutritional value. It is good for eyes and bones because of its high vitamin A and vitamin D content. You can always compare cow ghee price and vanaspati ghee price of the Bigbasket with your local markets Besides the long list of ghee nutrition, it is heat stable as well, that means it can be a great choice for cooking healthy food. Ghee has a very good shelf life, it can be easily stored for a long time. Although ghee is prepared by heating milk products, it can be used by people who are milk allergic due to the complete absence of milk protein which is lost during the heating process. Ghee is widely used in preparing day to day meals and other special cuisines including biryani, ladoos, maalpua and many more dishes. And it is also used in pooja and hawans as a part of our tradition. We assure you the best quality and best desi ghee price, so all you need to do is start filling up your shopping cart and avail the latest discounts available on our website ensuring lower prices than your local markets. Start stocking up your kitchen with ghee. You just have to place an order without having to go to the market, because we provide you with home deliveries and we will be at your doorstep to serve you the best