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    Groundnut oil is a type of vegetable oil is used in cooking and is derived from peanuts. It comes in some varieties, including refined, unrefined, roasted, and cold-pressed, which have slight differences in their nutritional value and health benefits. Groundnut oil is considered as one of the healthiest oils. It is trans-fat-free, cholesterol free and low in saturated fats. It is also the source of Vitamin E and phytosterols which benefit heart health Groundnut oil has a pleasing light nutty flavour. In addition to its great taste, it is perfect for deep-frying because it does not absorb the flavour of other foods cooked in the oil. Due to this unique property, you get a variety of cooking uses of groundnut oil to choose, from the same batch of Groundnut oil, and each will still maintain their great taste. Groundnut oil for cooking is also one of the world’s commonly used choice because it has the ability to reach a high temperature. This keeps the outside of the food crispy and the inside very moist. Groundnut oil works well with all types of cooking, and many chefs and famous restaurants prefer it too. Derived from peanuts, this vegetable oil is widely used for cooking in Indian households. Although groundnut oil has a mild flavour to it, it adds great aroma and taste to your food. Rich in minerals, the benefits of groundnut oil are plenty. Many health experts recommend groundnut nutrition to be added to your diet. bigbasket helps you with this, by providing only top grade brands of refined groundnut oil at its online store. Keeping in mind that people have different tastes, brands also offer different variants of groundnut oil. You can find filtered groundnut oil that is milder than the cold pressed groundnut oil in the markets. The uses of groundnut oil go beyond the kitchen. It can also be used to treat skin and hair ailments by directly applying it to the skin or scalp. The groundnut oil price depends on the brand that you buy. One of the most preferred brands that you can find in the market is theFortune groundnut oil . While shopping online on bigbasket, you can also find other types of oils, such as cold pressed sesame oilor gingelly oil. Some other brands that can be found on our online store are Pro nature, Pasumark and Porna. Buy groundnut oil from the comfort of your house now on bigbasket and have it delivered to your doorstep. Along with quality, we believe in giving the best prices to our customers. You can find great deals and offers while buying any kind of oil through our online store. Our value packs are great options to pick. Worry no more about the quality of your product, while shopping only with bigbasket.

    Benefits of Groundnut Oil

    1. Studies say that People eating a diet with half of their fat from Groundnut oil found significant improvement in their total and bad LDL cholesterol, similar to olive oil. 2. Other than just to protect against heart disease, phytosterols in Groundnut oil protect against cancer by slowing down tumour growth and preventing it’s spread to other parts of the body. 3. Groundnut oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids, just like oleic acid, which increase the levels of “good cholesterol”, called HDL, in the blood. This beneficial cholesterol helps to lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and decrease your risk of developing coronary heart diseases and strokes. 4. Resveratrol, a multi-functional antioxidant and Groundnut nutrition, has also been shown to eliminate or slow the onset of disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Sesame oil benefits from its uses more than its popularity. It is mostly used for specific recipes and not as an everyday option. Sesame oil is available in two varieties – light sesame oil that is extracted from ripened sesame seeds has an amber colour and can be used for deep-frying, and dark sesame oil which is extracted from roasted sesame seeds and is brownish and is suitable for stir-frying and pickle making. It also boosts the flavour, and the distinct nutty taste blends in well with the various mixes of spices that are used in Indian cooking. Sesame oil was first extracted during the Indus Valley Civilization, and from thereon it was introduced to other parts of Asia and the world. Today, it is known to be one of the healthiest oils, full of essential nutrients. Groundnut oil is available at Big basket starting from Rs 125 for one litre, from trusted brands like Dhara, Safal and Mr Gold. Cold pressed Groundnut oil price is also reasonable, available in one-litre bottles just at just Rs 170. You can buy filtered oil, refined oil or organic groundnut oil. All of these can be delivered right to your doorstep if you shop on Big Basket.