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    Popularly known as sesame oil, gingelly oil is a type of oil that is extracted from sesame seed. Gingelly oil uses include cooking, applying on the body and hair for nourishment as well as for performing puja ceremonies in many Indian households. Pooja gingelly oil, as well as gingelly oil for cooking, are easily available online at Big Basket. This oil is quite rich in nutrients. Hence it is considered to be a healthy choice. Let look at some gingelly oil benefits.What is gingelly oil? Derived from sesame seeds, gingelly oil is used not only for cooking, but also to enhance the flavour in many dishes in other countries such as China, Japan and Korea. Gingelly oil benefits are many and it is considered very good for the heart as it is extremely rich in nutrients and also holds medicinal value. Bigbasket has various brands of gingelly oil available on its online portal for you to purchase from the comfort of your house. Gingelly oil uses are not limited only to the kitchen; they can be used for other purposes as well. Although people generally use gingelly oil for cooking, it can also be used in traditional treatments and body massages. Gingelly oil price may vary in the market from one brand to another. One of the best brands of gingelly oil that you can find is the idhayam gingelly oil. It is preferred by majority of people when it comes to gingelly oil. Other brands that you can find in the market, as well as on our online store, include amrutham gingelly oil and pooja gingelly oil. There is also a growing demand for cold pressed gingelly oil. You can find brands selling organic gingelly oil and pure gingelly oil as well. Apart from its nutritional value, the oil is also great choice for external use. Gingelly oil is good for hair as it nourishes the hair and makes it strong and shiny. Similarly, it deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin when applied. Choose from a variety of brands selling groundnut oil now on bigbasket and have it delivered to you. Some of the other brands that you can find while shopping with us include Harina, King, VVV, and pro-nature. We understand that quality is extremely important when it comes to your cooking oil, and ensure that only brands offering top grade quality products are sold on our site.

    Benefits of Gingelly Oil

    1. Maintains the health of the skin Zinc is the most important mineral for your skin, and Gingelly oil is known to contain a good amount of zinc in their molecular build. Intake of pure gingelly oil makes the skin smooth and increases its elasticity. It also reduces oxidative stress, keeping ageing spots in check and giving off a spotless and flawless glow. Application of sesame oil forms a protective layer on the skin and keeps the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun from adversely affecting the skin. Fungal disease of the skin can also be treated with the help of gingelly oil. 2. Improves the quality of hair One of the best-known benefits of gingelly oil is that it helps to improve the quality of your hair. This strong smelling oil is rich in bioactive components that reduce the condition of hair fall, thus giving you thicker and shinier hair. It also helps in maintaining the natural colure of hair and strengthens hair follicles for advanced effectiveness. Anti-bacterial effects of this oil are also known to kill the harmful pathogens that attack the scalp and make it dry and itchy. 3. Strengthens Bone Density Gingelly oil is also known to be quite rich in calcium and copper that facilitate the growth of the bones. It increases the rate of development of the bone and also increases the healing capabilities and regrowth of the bones. In middle ages women, the consumption of gingelly oil has been known to decrease the occurrence of osteoporosis. It also reduces various weakness of the bone that can occur when you are growing old. 4. Protects the heart Ginelly oil consists of fatty acids in its composition that helps in keeping the heart healthy and functioning. It is known to reduce the levels of cholesterol with the help of polyunsaturated fatty acids like sesamin and sesamol. Thus, the consumption of good quantities of sesame oil ensures that you are protected from a stroke or a heart attack in the near future. 5. Improves Oral Health Gingelly oil has properties that help in building whiter and stronger teeth. It removes plaque from the teeth and also fights against the streptococcus bacteria that can cause inflation of the throat and cause soreness and pain. The rich antibacterial action of the gingelly oil is the main reason that is it recommended by many dentists as a natural remedy to boost dental and oral health. It is quite easy to buy a bottle of gingelly oil online by placing an order on big So, get your bottle of organic gingelly oil and start living a healthy life.