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    Rice is the most integral part of any cuisine, especially Indian food culture. It is a form of cereal grain made from the monocot plants and is largely cultivated in Asia and North America. Cooking a raw rice is much simpler than it sounds and is a great source of Carbohydrates, which is a very essential part of the building process that take place in your body. It is a gluten free food and can provide you a great dose of Vitamin A and B, to keep your heart healthy. Fiber and calcium are the most abundant ingredient found in this food, which helps you to improve your digestive system. Unlike the notion, it is also great for reducing or managing your weight to stay in shape. Buy rice products with high credibility stores like“bigbasket”, as there are dozens of duplicate items available in the market today that can cause serious diseases like stomach cancer.

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    Buy rice online from bigbasket, a highly renowned online grocery store and enter the heaven of Indian rice dishes. Add hundreds of elements like Tomato, Lemon, Coconut, Beetroot and Potatoes in cooked rice and create your own magical plate to win everyone’s heart. Rice pudding is a form of sweet dish commonly eaten by people of South India during festivals. It is a simple dish made with rice, butter, milk and added flavors like vanilla. To step into food paradise every time you taste the rice, buy raw rice online only at bigbasket’s genuine store and get guaranteed delivery of products from famous brands like BB Royal, Safe Harvest and Kateer.

    Raw rice

    Rice is eaten as the staple food in most of the parts in Asia. It constitutes a major chunk of diet on daily basis. Rice is the most important grain with regard to human nutrition and calorie intake. We have a wide range of rice which will suit the needs of every individual. Brown rice is a whole grain rice and contains fibrous bran as well. It is a good source of magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, thiamine, niacin, vitamin B6, and manganese along with being high in fibre. Brown rice is highly nutritious in when compared to the white rice. Brown rice price in India is between 125 rupees to 135 rupees. You can easily purchase any of these type of rice from Bigbasket. Brown rice helps the waste to move through the digestive tract, prevents the formation of blood clots and promote fullness. White rice, on the other hand, is the type whose husk is removed and has other nutritional value. Rice price in India is 60 rupees/kg. White rice is extensively used in Indian kitchens. It is used in making desserts like kheer. White rice served with vegetable or cooked pulses is the most commonly consumed form of white rice. People have a misconception that brown rice is far healthier than white rice. But that is not the truth. White rice has its own health benefits. This kind of rice is free from arsenic, free from gluten, has loads of nutrients, promotes muscle growth, gives you energy etc. The list is really long. India gate rice is one of the best brands supplying the best basmati rice to the people of India. Basmati rice is a long slender-grained rice which has its own signature fragrance. It is the premium quality rice. India gate basmati rice price is rupees 99 for every 1 kilogram of rice. Basmati rice is perfect for making Indian desserts and its quality is highly appreciated by the people. The word Basmati means fragrance. Basmati is the very expensive type of rice and is available at affordable prices on our website, Bigbasket. Jasmine rice is the type of rice which is long and has fragrance. The term ‘jasmine’ refers to its white colour which similar to the colour of a jasmine flower. Jasmine rice is mainly used in making popcorns. Black rice is the source of iron, vitamin E, and antioxidants. Black color rice turns into purple color rice when it is cooked. Black rice is widely used in Indian cuisine. It is used to make noodles, porridge, and many other desserts. You can easily buy rice online from our website, Bigbasket. Rice is loved by the people of India. No matter what type of rice you consume, for any purpose. We have the best quality and variety of rice. Biryani, the love of millions, tastes good only when prepared from the best quality rice. The fragrance when the rice is freshly cooked is heavenly and an expert can tell about the type or quality of rice by just smelling it. Grab your best type only from Bigbasket.