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    Ferrero Rocher Chocolate, 16 pcs Box

    MRP: ₹529
    Price: ₹513.13(₹32.07 / pc)
    You Save: ₹16 OFF
    (inclusive of all taxes)
    Pack sizes
    16 pcsBox
    513.13(₹32.07 / pc)
    529₹16 OFF
    24 pcsBox
    901.13(₹37.55 / pc)
    929₹28 OFF
    2x200 gMultipack
    1026.26(₹32.07 / pc)
    1058₹32 OFF
    2x300 gMultipack
    1802.26(₹37.55 / pc)
    1858₹56 OFF
    4x200 gMultipack
    2052.52(₹32.07 / pc)
    2116₹63 OFF
    6x16 pcsMultipack
    3078.78(₹32.07 / pc)
    3174₹95 OFF
    4x300 gMultipack
    3604.52(₹37.55 / pc)
    3716₹111 OFF
    6x24 pcsMultipack
    5406.78(₹37.55 / pc)
    5574₹167 OFF
    20x16 pcsMultipack
    10262.6(₹32.07 / pc)
    10580₹317 OFF
    16x24 pcsMultipack
    14418.08(₹37.55 / pc)
    14864₹446 OFF

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    Ferrero Rocher Chocolate

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    Buy Ferrero Rocher Chocolate 16 Pcs 200 Gm Box Online At Best Price

    Who doesn't love the beautifully adorned box of chocolates as a preset? Of course, everyone does. Chocolate is the stress busters and it is scientifically tested that chocolates contribute in bringing the sense of happiness in a person. Ferreo rocher is an Italian chocolate that once produced long back in the year 1982. It is a combination of layers. It consists of roasted hazelnuts which are encased in the delicious high-quality brown chocolate. More typically it is encased in a thin wafer shell which is filled with hazelnut chocolate and loaded in milk chocolate and finely chopped hazelnuts. We at Bigbasket are always concerned about the needs of our customers and try to provide all the products that our buyers demand and are most likely to demand. You can buy Ferrero Rocher 16 pc box online at a very affordable price only on our website. Ferrero Rocher chocolate boxes are available in many sizes and the boxes are well designed to make it look even more attractive as they usually offered as a gift. You can buy Ferrero Rocher chocolate 200 gm box at rupees 1040, which may seem expensive but it is made out of good quality products and it tastes like heaven so by keeping in mind all these points the amount is really appropriate. But if your budget is not that much, it is also available in the pack of 2. The pack of 2 Ferrero Rocher chocolate price is rupees 60. 3 delicious Ferrero Rocher chocolates contains 220 calories, in which around 140 comes from fat. It is very delicious and very tempting and it also contains the goodness of hazelnuts and chocolate. You can always purchase the best quality products from our website at very affordable prices and the products will be delivered at products within twenty four hours. You can easily purchase Ferrero Rocher 16 pc box online easily from our site. Ferrero Rocher chocolate price is slightly expensive as it is enriched with the goodness of hazelnut and chocolate. Its packaging is loved by its buyers as it is beautifully adorned with the golden colour wrap and is alluringly placed in the designed chocolate box of heart or oval shapes. So grab a box your favourite chocolate and gift it to your loved ones. And make your life filled with the sweetness amazing chocolates.