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    The delicious Ferrero Rocher chocolate is like no other, the roasted hazelnut centre surrounded with a smooth filling topped with crisp wafers all smothered in creamy milk chocolate and the sprinkling of finely chopped hazelnuts is a religious experience in its own. Today Ferrero Rocher chocolate is counted among the top 10 premium chocolates in the world and eating it has become quite a status symbol. So what makes this ubiquitous and delicious chocolate so popular? It is actually the tried and tested recipe which has been the same since its launch in 1982, great attention to detail in the manufacturing process, posh packaging and obviously some ingenious marketing. Whatever be the reason of popularity of this great creamy crunchy chocolaty ball it is simply just worth it. The satisfaction that one gets after eating is just beyond words and it is because of these reasons that the chocolates Ferrero Rocher have become an expression of love. As can be seen with the number of Ferrero Rocher and rose bouquets flooding the market on valentine’s day. Ferrero offers products in Chocolates & Sweets at good rates and great quality. Now buy Ferrero online in India from our online grocery store and supermarket.

    Ferrero Chocolate Price in India

    The popular Ferrero Rocher chocolate is available in varied packs of 50 gm or 4 pcs small pack, 8pcs pack, 200gm or 16 pcs, 300gm or 24 pcs Ferrero Rocher box. The Ferrero Rocher chocolate price varies depending on the size of the Ferrero Rocher box. The Ferrero Rocher price list is as follows, the Ferrero Rocher 24 pieces price is Rs 799, but if you buy Ferrero Rocher online at bigbasket you can get it at a discounted rate of Rs 719. Similarly, the Ferrero Rocher 16 pcs price is Rs 475 but you can buy Ferrero Rocher online for Rs 403 only on bigbasket. People on a lower budget can buy the Ferrero Rocher small pack of 8 pcs or the 4 pcs 50 gm pack which only costs about Rs 140 but bigbasket offers them at an attractive price of Rs 126, while the Ferrero Rocher 8 pieces price in India is Rs 175. So pick up your phone now and buy Ferrero Rocher chocolates online from bigbasket and surprise your loved one with a beautiful Ferrero Rocher box. Ferrero is a leading brand when it comes to Chocolates & Sweets and Branded Foods. Ferrero have gained a good reputation for Ferrero Rocher - Crisp Hazelnut & Milk Chocolate Wafer Biscuit and Kinder Joy. Starting from Rs.35, Ferrero products are available all the way up to Rs.625. Good product quality, low prices and customer satissfaction have helped Ferrero grow in India and abroad.