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    Good Source of Vitamin C & B Complex

    fresho! Orange - Nagpur, Regular (Loose), 1 kg (Approx. 6 - 8 pcs)

    MRP: ₹73
    Price: ₹53.29(₹53.29 / kg)
    You Save: 27% OFF
    (inclusive of all taxes)
    Pack sizes
    1 kg(Approx. 6 - 8 pcs)
    53.29(₹53.29 / kg)
    7327% OFF
    500 g
    27.01(₹0.05 / g)
    3727% OFF
    2 x 1kgMultipack
    106.58(₹53.29 / kg)
    14627% OFF
    3 x 1 kgMultipack
    159.87(₹53.29 / kg)
    21927% OFF

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    fresho! Orange - Nagpur, Regular (Loose)

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    Buy Fresho Orange - Nagpur 1 kg Online at Best Price.

    Orange! the sheer name of it is capable of getting mouths watering. It is one of the most loved and popular fruits enjoyed across all age groups. The sweet tangy flavour of the fruit that bursts out in the mouth with every bite is simply heavenly. The fresh orange fruit is not only quite fun to eat but is bursting with health benefits. Every part of the orange fruit holds incredible benefits for the humankind. Oranges are known to be rich in Vitamin C along with several essential minerals and antioxidants that have wide-ranging health benefits like – boosting immunity, great for the skin and eyes, prevents heart diseases, helps in brain development, prevents cancer, helps in stomach ulcers, lowers cholesterol, prevents diabetes and kidney stones, aids in digestion and can help in soothing the inflammation caused by arthritis. With so many health benefits attached to a single fruit, make the most of this citrusy tangy fruit and give your health a major boost. There are several different varieties of oranges grown in Indian named after the regions they are grown in, namely – Nagpur oranges, Coorg oranges, Darjeeling oranges, Khasi orange, Sumithra and Kinnow. Each of these types of oranges has their own speciality. While the Darjeeling oranges are small and brilliantly sweet; the Nagpur oranges are renowned for its bright juicy and tangy pulp. If you too love your Nagpur oranges you can easily buy Nagpur fresh orange online from bigbasket. One of the popular brands offering great quality Nagpur oranges is Fresho, widely renowned for its great quality products and hygienic packaging. Fresho has rigorous quality checks in place and its high-quality standards ensure you get the best of Nagpur oranges available in the market. You can buy Fresho orange online from bigbasket and check them out yourself. The Fresho oranges are conveniently available in 500 gm packs and 1 kg pack. The 1 kg pack comprises of around 6 -8 juicy Nagpur oranges and are perfect for a small family. Buy Fresho orange 1 kg online from bigbasket and have them delivered to you in a safe and careful manner to avoid any kind of damage to the oranges during transportation. Fresho offers quality products at reasonable prices. And if you buy Fresho oranges online from bigbasket you can get great discounts from bigbasket. So your Fresho orange 500 gm price will only set you back by Rs 24.50 as against the MRP of Rs 31.25. That is an impressive discount of 22%. So why shop from local fruit vendors who offer inflated prices rather than enjoy great quality Fresho regular oranges bought online, that are not only of superior quality but are much cheaper than their counterparts.