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    For pregnant women, a combination of fresh fruits and vegetables can be used to make yummy smoothies, juices or salads. Such a diet is extremely beneficial for the unborn baby as well as the mother. Any fruits and vegetables list must include fruits from every colour group like all those bright red strawberries, yellow bananas, blue berries, etc so that you get all varieties of nutrients in your diet. A healthy fruits and vegetables list must be the priority of any homemaker, as a healthy diet ensures that everyone in the family is healthy. You can buy fresh fruits and vegetable online from our store, and mix and match them in recipes for your children and for yourself. So go on and buy vegetables & fruitssapotaonline at bigbasket.
    The 2021 season of mangoes is here, shop for juicy mangoes online from bigbasket. Learn which months are mango season in India using this infographic.
    What if we could show a little love for mangoes, by planting one of its seeds? Learn how to grow mango tree from seed.

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    Doctors, dieticians, gym-instructors and beauty experts all agree that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is a must for a healthy body. Vegetables and fruits can help you ward off heart disease and strokes, can help keep blood pressure under control, prevent some types of cancer and provide the maximum number of nutrients that are needed for proper growth and development of the body and mind. As a thumb rule one can always remember themore colourful the vegetables in the platter, the more healthy and nutritious is the diet. So always include a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, and experiment from indigenous to exotic vegetables and fruits. One must also try to eat fresh vegetables in salads for a hamper of health benefits. Fruits that have edible skins, like the apple, must be eaten with the skin to avail maximum micronutrients that help form antibodies and fight against illness. So get the best offers online on fruits and vegetables now.Fruits are extremely vital for everyone’s diet. Regardless of your age, gender, demographics, fruits can do wonders for your health if eaten in the right proportion. Fresh fruits are sweet in nature and can be had at any time of the day. Eating fruits for breakfast helps in keeping you energized or it can be even had during your snack time or as a dessert avoiding all the unnecessary calories. Aren’t you already tempted to go grab a basket of fruits? You can now buy fruits online on bigbasket’s online store and have it delivered to your doorstep. Doctors, nutritionists and all sorts of health experts swear by the benefits of fruits. With the variety being made available to you, it only makes eating fruits more interesting. The more the colourful your plate gets, the better it is for you. Banana, pomegranate, papaya and red apple fruits are some of the most common ones that are consumed by Indians. While shopping online on bigbasket, you can also look out for exotic fruits such as dragon fruit, green apple and more.

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    Introducing bbnow: Get your groceries delivered in 15 to 30 minutes. Choose from 3000 essential items. bigbasket bbnow service is currently available in select cities. Download the bigbasket app to check whether your location is eligible for bbnow. The benefits of each fruit differs from one another given its nutrition content. Pomegranate benefits are mostly reaped by pregnant women and women in general, for their high levels of iron and anti-oxidants that help in balancing the haemoglobin levels in them. Similarly, banana nutrition levels are high and thus, Banana benefits are plenty, being rich in fiber, the fruit is said to mainly ease digestion issues apart from several other benefits. The advantages of consuming fruit is that they are generally naturally sweet and need not be cooked or prepared to consume them. Eaten in their raw form is the best way to reap all the nutritional benefits from them. Eating ample amounts of fruits, keep diseases at bay and benefits you in several ways. While shopping online on bigbasket, leave aside your worries of consuming chemical and pesticide intoxicated produce. We source our products only from well-known and trust worthy vendors of high quality produce and thus is completely safe to consume. We also offer the best prices that you can find in the market, be it the apple fruit price, banana price, pomegranate price or grapes price. With our nominal prices, we make fresh and healthy fruits available to one and all. We carefully pick each item for you, clean them thoroughly and pack them with the best quality of packing materials. Our well connected delivery team will have your order delivered to you within just a few hours while the produce is fresh to eat as they are.