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    Good Source of Vitamin C Highly Nutritious

    Fresho Mosambi (Loose), 6 pcs 800 gm - 1 kg

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    Fresho Mosambi (Loose)

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    Buy Fresho Mosambi 6 Pcs Online At Best Price

    The tastiest among the family of citrus fruits is mosambi . Also known as sweet lime, it is a sweet-sour fruit with greenish edible flesh. It has a taste most similar to lemon used extensively on a daily basis as a fruit or for making juice. Now buy fresho mosambi online from Bigbasket to avoid going to street vendors and get it delivered at your doorsteps. Mosambi juice is very famous in all parts of India, sold mostly by street vendors. It is tough to detect the ripening of mosambi as it is hard from outside, so you cannot know if it has ripened already. To avoid such confusion and doubts, buy fresho mosambi online available at bigbasket website. Here, you can easily select between the huge variety of fruits and veggies which are brought only for your convenience. Storage of mosambi can be a bit tricky because any kind of pressure can spoil it immediately. To keep away from such situation, you can prefer buying 6pc fresho mosambi online from bigbasket and order fresh fruit again once you are done with them . We provide quick home delivery and you can order anytime and get fresh fruits and vegetables delivered to you in no time. Mosambi is generally prescribed to old or sick people as it has a great positive effect on digestion and metabolism, stomach infection, and it fights all the germs and bacteria to clear any kind of constipation. Mosambi works magical for skin, either you eat it raw, prefer consuming the juice or scrub the pulp on your skin, all of it will give you rejuvenating skin. Mosambi pulp exfoliates your skin to remove dead cells and gives glowing skin. For someone with patchy skin and pigmented lips, mosambi gives necessary hydration when applied to the affected area and drinking mosambi juice is always preferable for better results. Forget all the cosmetics and chemical products, buy fresho mosambi online from our website and get glowing skin without putting any significant effort. Consuming mosambi on a regular basis also aids in weight loss. Since it has lower calorie content, you can eat it many times in a day and do not gain any weight. It keeps you full for a long time. Moreover, this way you can avoid eating other toxic food with more calories, mosambi gives you better digestion, and you can lose weight fast. To save your time to undergo healthy routines in the day, switch to online methods of buying stuff. This way you can avoid roaming around in retail stores. Find everything online at our website and enjoy the reasonable prices. At bigbasket, 800gm of fresho mosambi price is just 70 bucks with assured home delivery. So, just sit at home and order online this healthy fruit to get great health benefits and results.