Noodle, Pasta, Vermicelli

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    A hot, steaming delicious bowl of noodles is the perfect choice to extinguish those hunger pangs instantly. Noodles are made with different grains that have individual characteristics and have different textures and flavours. So dig into the whole bowl of Noodles according to your choice. Produced from yams Shirataki Noodles have no carbohydrates and also no calories. So people all set to lose weight should opt for Shirataki Noodles. Stir fry, deep fried or boiled Chinese noodles will always taste delicious and easy to gorge on. Fried Noodles whether with or without soy sauce and veggies will always taste delicious, any day any time! Chicken Noodles can easily become your speciality and soon your friends will be asking you to have it on your party menu. These are jam packed with flavour and provide good nutrition too.

    Types of Noodles

    Rice Noodles are a blessing for people having gluten allergy. Rice Noodles are flavoursome like all wheat noodles but have relatively less calories than wheat noodles. Almost every person from has tasted the captivating flavour of noodles. When on the go, don't forget to pack those amazing cup noodles that just need a bowl of boiling water to do its wonders. Noodles work great as entree, mains and even side dishes so that gives you even more reasons to shop for these magical strands of aroma and essence. Miss no chance to shop at our store' very own noodle shop and indulge yourself in flavoursome and nourishing instant noodles.

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