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    Busy lifestyles have let us wondering in finding ways to cook in a jiffy to avoid spending hours in the kitchen. In such a scenario we tend to look out for fast foods, restaurants or getting food delivered online which is not at all healthy. One solution for quick cooking is to use vermicelli. It is not that the idea of vermicelli have been adopted from Italy but are ubiquitous across Indian culture. In a few clicks find out the wide range of vermicelli available and order some to be delivered right at your door-step. You can simply toss vermicelli with vegetables and make a delicious pulao or add in skimmed milk and sugar with vermicelli for a yummy vermicelli kheer. The choice is yours to enjoy a pack of vermicelli the way you like it to be. Confused about how to add a healthy twist to your meals? Vermicelli is the answer to your puzzled state of mind. Made out of wheat flour, this popular food comes in various forms for you to enjoy. While wheat vermicelli is the most common type, there are many variations such as ragi vermicelli and roasted vermicelli. At bigbasket we have a wide range of vermicelli online for you to buy and enjoy. Vermicelli noodles are not only popular in India but around the world too. However, there are many India version of vermicelli based dishes too. Rice sevai is one such popular savoury dish made with vermicelli. You could even make desserts with vermicelli, such as vermicelli kheer for instance. With just one ingredient that is easily available to you, you can make so many dishes in your own kitchen. Vermicelli is super easy to cook, nutritious, healthy and easily available at bigbasket. bigbasket makes it a notch more convenient for you by selling a wide range of vermicelli online so you can choose the best one. Cook versatile in any style you like, whether Chinese, Italian or Indian and relish its nutritious goodness. Rice Vermicelli works the best for the Indian cuisine as you can give it a touch of your own by adding your favourite ingredients. bigbasket offers a wide range of high quality and nutritional Indian brands of vermicelli for you to choose from. Some of the brands that can be found on bigbasket are, Bambino, Pro Nature, Bliss Tree, Manna and more. MTR vermicelli considered the best vermicelli product in India. Compare the different brands of vermicelli online on bigbasket and pick the one that best suits your taste and preference. You can also have it delivered directly to you once you order at bigbasket

    What is vermicelli?

    Vermicelli is basically made using refined flour and is considered as Indian spaghetti. Vermicelli does not have a distinct flavour or taste of its own but can grasp the flavours of the ingredients added to it. Hence it is widely used in India, and most popularly it is used to make both savoury and sweet. Slightly roast the vermicelli as it is essential for perfect cooking. Nowadays life has made it so simple that roasted vermicelli is readily available online. Vermicelli is usually beige in colour and is fine and hard in texture. It is a popular instant type of food as it is considered healthier than instant noodles. Vermicelli is non-sticky and does not form lumps when cooked and hence it is a favourite for many. Apart from common breakfasts like idli, dosa, Pongal and puri, vermicelli khichdi is also a staple in south Indian cuisines.

    Why People prefer vermicelli any time

    • Vermicelli noodles are fat-free, cholesterol-free and contain low sodium hence it makes a great addition as part of your meal. • Since vermicelli is abundant in carbohydrates, it gives you the energy required to keep you going throughout the day. • You can add different types of vegetables to prepare savoury vermicelli and make it rich in protein. Different brands of vermicelli to ensure fast cooking can be found online like MTR vermicelli, Anil rice sevai and Bambino roasted vermicelli. Not just all-purpose flour but also wheat, ragi and rice vermicellis are available in the market. Today we also have vermicelli made out of healthy and nutritious millets like pearl millet, finger millet, foxtail millet and maize millet. Hence providing you with different types of vermicelli for having a variety of dishes prepared every day. Use your imagination and culinary skills to create wonderful dishes using vermicellis. The sky is the limit for creating a new variety of dish using vermicelli, so pull up your socks and get started. Healthier variants of vermicelli depict its popularity among people and is a top pick for many when it comes to healthy breakfast ideas. It is time to get your pack of vermicelli online and indulge yourself in delicious dishes with Bigbasket.