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    Cup Noodles have become a major part of our diet as they can be consumed instantly by just adding a cup of hot water. The simplicity with which it can be prepared coupled with a spicy and flavourful taste and the low-cost prices have made these noodles our go-to options for a quick bite. A go-to diet if you stay in a hostel, the Maggi cup noodles are one of the most sought after brands of instant noodles that are available in India. Other brands include Nissin Cup Noodles and Wai Wai Noodles and these can all be bought online at Big Basket. The Nissin Chicken Cup Noodles, a recent addition to the family that is prepared with the flavour of the chicken is a tasty version of this snack. But, do we know everything about our favourite food? Well, let’s find out! Cup Noodles are a treat which is enjoyed by all, be it kids, adults or the elderly. Cup noodles are extremely easy to make and delicious to taste. With noodles being one of the most sought-after dish as a meal or even a snack at times, the creation of cup noodles has been a life changing invention for all. Instant noodles brought to you in a cup, and all you need to do is add hot water and stir. While Maggi cup noodles are the most famous ones found in the market, there are several other brands that sell them too. Each brand comes with its own twist and flavour, such as veg cup noodles, egg, chicken, prawns and more. A sachet of seasoning and flavour is provided with the packaging to add along with the hot water. With the little amount of work involved in its making and a minimum cooking time required, cup noodles are one of the most favourite dishes among hostellers, school students and busy working mothers. For working mothers, this product is a boon because their kids can make it by themselves. Stock up your favourite flavours by choosing from a wide range of cup noodles online at bigbasket. Wai Wai noodles and Nissin Cup noodles are other popular cup noodle brands you can try along with Maggi cuppa noodles. Not only is this a suitable quick snack to make at home, you can conveniently carry it with you when you travel as well. For those expecting to have problems adjusting with food in different cities or countries, cup noodles are your saving grace. Buy your Maggi chicken cup noodles, Nissin cup chicken noodles or the cup noodles of your choice from bigbasket now. These compact packs of delicious and satisfying cup noodles will be delivered at your doorstep within no time.

    Fun Facts About Your Favourite Food That You Might Not Know

    1. You Can Savour your Favourite noodles in Space The first person to eat Ramen Noodles in space was Soichi Noguchi, a Japanese Astronaut who took these noodles with him in the Discovery Space Shuttle. Invented by Momofuku Ando, instant cup noodles were the first of its kind to be eaten in Space. Yes, you heard that right! The inventor created a special package that was sealed using a vacuum, hence making it easy to carry these packets in a space shuttle. The resulting noodles when cooked had a thicker broth and smaller noodles that could be consumed in zero gravity. 2. It was a luxury to be able to have noodles When instant noodles were a recent invention, they were costlier than their counterparts and considered to be gourmet dishes. This made them luxury products which everyone could not afford. However, as time went by and their popularity grew, these noodles became a part of everyone’s diet. 3. Noodles can be cooked in various ways Far away from the general perception that all noodles can be prepared by letting them boil in water along with a few spices, different types of noodles have different ways of cooking. The process of preparation and the time taken to cook depends upon the type of noodles being used. This makes sure that you have a variety of noodle dishes to taste or prepare. The simple cup noodles, however, just require a cup of hot water to be poured into it. 4. Raw noodles are also a thing Our favourite noodles cab be eaten raw as well and that is how people prefer to savour them in a few countries. All you need to do have these noodles is sprinkle a bit of spice seasoning, mix it well and enjoy the crunchy explosion of taste. 5. There is a National ‘Eat Your Noodles’ Day Believe it or not, there is a day dedicated to your favourite noodles. 11th of March is considered as ‘Eat Your Noodles’ day and many people celebrate it by having their choice of noodles. Craving for a forkful of this scrumptious snack? Oder a few packets online at Big Basket and slurp it all up.