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    There are more than 300 types of pasta, and it might be intimidating to choose the right pasta for a particular recipe. You need not worry more about the tedious procedures of making pasta as you have instant pasta available in stores. These instant pasta takes out the pressure out of you to be ready with your recipes for making pasta as they come in different flavours and types for a sumptuous meal.Craving for something tasty but don’t have enough time to make a nice dish? Think instant pasta. Just like the cup noodles, instant pasta packets are also becoming a new favourite quick food in the market. The Italian pasta dish is loved by almost all age groups and demographics of people and is easily found everywhere. Most people generally turn towards frozen foods to satisfy their hunger. However, here is an option much tastier than frozen food. Buy these instant pasta packets and cook them in a jiffy by simply emptying the ingredients in a cooking pan and adding seasoning and water to it. Simple instructions on how to make it are provided along with each pack. These pasta packets don’t only come in different yummy flavours to choose from but also healthier variants such as wheat pasta and vegetables pasta. There are a variety of flavours under each brand such as creamy corn, mushrooms, tomato twist and masala. You are also opened to choose the type of pasta like penne, fusilli and farfalle pasta. Maggi pasta and Sunfeast pasta are popular brands that sell instant pasta and can also be found online at bigbasket. Other brands that are available are BB combo and Temptas. The cheese pasta from Temptas is liked by many and is in regular demand. The Maggi white pasta is also a hot seller amongst many others and can be ordered on bigbasket. If you love pasta and regularly consumes these packets of goodness, save money by buying the value packs. Almost all brands, sunfeast, maggi and BB combo offer value packs and are also available on bigbasket. Pick your favourite flavour, type of pasta and the size of the packet from the whole range of choices available on bigbasket today.

    Let us find out some of the most commonly used variants of pasta

    Lasagna: This pasta resembles a thin sheet of paper and is widely used to create a cheesy pasta dish of the same name. It is a type of pasta used more often in baking recipes. Macaroni: Macaroni looks like small bent tubes and is loved by children as they are used to make a popular delicacy 'Mac and Cheese'. Penne: Penne pasta is diagonally cut tubes which soak in the flavours of the ingredients added to it. They are used for saucy and creamy pasta recipes as the sauces run through the tubes of penne pasta. Follow the following simple steps to get your pasta non-sticky: • Boil water in a pot preferable in a large pot as you do not want your pasta to stick to each other. • Add in some salt and a teaspoon of oil for some taste in the pasta and to prevent them from being sticky. • Now add your favourite pack of pasta and allow them to cook by occasionally stirring them. • Once they are cooked to the consistency you want, drain the water and give your pasta a rinse in the cold running water. Now you can add in this pasta to your favourite Italian recipes and enjoy a satisfying meal. Commonly pasta is made out of durum wheat flour and is rich in carbohydrates which provides us with the energy. Pasta can be highly loaded with nutrition if it is wheat pasta. Commercially available Italian pasta is usually wheat pasta, and they are a good source of iron, selenium and protein. However, pasta is not gluten-free hence it is not advisable for people who are allergic to gluten and who have celiac disease. Pasta is a hit among children, and they love it unconditionally on any given day. If you are planning for a party at home then making pasta can be as easy as making instant noodles with Maggi white pasta and Sunfeast pasta. Apart from flour pasta, today we can also find vegetable pasta, healthy brown rice pasta and quinoa pasta. Quinoa pasta is being preferred by people who are on strict diets as they are gluten-free and are high in protein content. Instead of regular wheat pasta, you can try other healthy variants found online to enjoy your pasta with its nutritional benefits. The best varieties of instant pasta can be delivered at your doorstep when you order them online. Afford a few clicks with Bigbasket to taste different types of instant pasta.