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    Buy Water Bottles and Fridge Bottles Online - Plastic, Steel, Glass and Copper Bottles at Best Price

    The summers that we experience these days tend to drain the energy out of anyone. With high temperatures, it is but obvious that you will need to stay hydrated at all times. With the need to stay hydrated taking the centre-stage, one must ensure that they have a bottle of water handy at all times. What would be an additional relief is if you can manage to carry a bottle of chilled water with you. While having cold chilled water through the day helps boost weight loss as the body burns calories to bring the chilled water to body temperature, keeping a good stock of cold water always will also ensure you are ready to serve chilled beverages to guests who may visit you. While there are multiple reasons to consume cold water, one must be careful while picking bottles for storing water. There are tons of options that are available in the market, but you should ideally consider the quality of the bottle and the shelf-life of the same. With bigbasket, we offer a wide variety of bottles that can be stored in your fridge and are easy to carry.

    Glass Bottles

    Water stored in glass bottles is considered to be safer for consumption as they prevent any seepage of chemicals from the container into the water, thus keeping the water fresh. bigbasket offers a wide variety of options in glass bottles to suit your taste. Whether you are looking for an elegant look with plain glass bottles or a more vibrant feel with coloured glass bottles or even printed ones, there is something to appeal to your fancy. You could even pick an option to match your kitchen or fridge from the many riveting designs

    Copper Bottles

    There are a large number of benefits related to drinking water stored in copper vessels. From the Vedic times, it has always been advised to consume water stored in copper vessels for 10 to 12 hours. The time allows the key minerals of copper to be diffused into water, thus enriching the water. Drinking cold water stored in copper bottles have many health benefits such as it assists in weight loss, helps in strengthening the heart as well as the digestive system and also keeps a control on the thyroid glands. At bigbasket, we offer a wide range of copper bottles that you could utilize to store in your fridge. We have accounted for the bottle size (so as to fit smoothly into your fridge compartments) and the quality of copper that is used. The various types of copper bottles that bigbasket has to offer include sleek copper bottle, hammered copper bottles and matt finish copper bottles.

    Steel Bottles

    Similar to glass and copper bottles, the benefits associated with steel bottle are mainly in relation to the fact that they prevent toxic chemicals from diffusing into the water while stored. There are other benefits of using steel bottles such as they continue to keep water warm or cold as in the state that it has been poured into, they greatly help in preventing cancer and they are much more durable than plastic. At bigbasket, we not only offer you different types of steel bottles but also take it a step forward and offer thermal flasks. That way your cold water will continue to remain cold for hours after you have taken it from the fridge. You can choose either a steel matt finish or a mirror finish depending on the kind of bottle you are looking to get.

    Fancy Bottles

    The ‘Fancy bottle’ trend has been picking up steadily in the last decade. People are looking to build an over-all look for their kitchen and the detailing is to the extent of the bottle that one would use to store water for daily consumption. bigbasket offers you a wide variety of bottles with both plain but a bigger variety of fancy bottles. Be it pink elegant flowers that you would like on glass or plastic bottles or a plainer look to go with the backdrop of your fridge. You will be spoilt for options when it comes to bigbasket’s collection. Another very popular option is sets of bottles. You can choose to pick six or twelve sets of similar bottles to store water so as to maintain a system in terms of water stored in the fridge in a particular colour and water stored at room temperatures in a different colour bottle. This helps in distinguishing while maintaining a certain style of the kitchen.

    Detox Bottles

    Another fast picking style is the new detox bottles. For all the health freaks out there, this is an absolute must. With a unique centre filter, that allows you to store fresh cucumber, strawberries or any other detox vegetable of fruit and an outer covering for the water, these bottles allow the key detox ingredients of the fruits and vegetable to diffuse into your water making it highly beneficial for your health. This detox water not only provides you with additional vitamins and minerals but also provides you with the much-required energy to deal with the heat of the summers. So be sure to store some cucumbers and water in your detox bottle in the fridge overnight to experience some real life changing health benefits.

    bigbasket offers a wide variety of options in bottles that you can use to store liquids in the fridge. The additional benefit of picking up your bottle from bigbasket is its quality and price range. There are similar products available in different prices and colours to choose from. Therefore, be sure to store tons of water this summer in your fridge with the help of bigbasket. Not only are our bottles standard good quality but the mere variety of options are sure to spoil you silly. Therefore, be sure to store tons of water this summer in your fridge with the help of bigbasket. Not only are our bottles standard good quality but the mere variety of options are sure to spoil you silly.

    Some of the most popular water bottle brands are Steelo, Milton, Cello, bb Home.