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    Buy Lunch Boxes and Tiffin Boxes: Steel, Plastic and Thermosteel for Office and School

    Whether you’re looking for lunch box for kids or tiffin box for yourself, bigbasket is the place to buy lunch box online. With several different brands, colours and designs available, you can easily buy lunch boxes whether it be glass, plastic, steel or thermos insulated containers. Instead of going to the store and wasting time, order from the convenience of your home.

    Boxes that hold memories

    Lunch is an important meal that keeps you active for the second half of your day and also ensures you get your essential nutrients in time. From mum packing your afternoon tiffin to you doing it all by yourself, we’ve all had some special memories tucked away around the presence of a wonderful little lunch box.

    Lunch boxes have evolved over the years, with the crown for the most iconic purveyors of this “culture,” if you may, being the Mumbai dabbawallahs. These day knights transfer lunch boxes from households around the city and deliver them to their intended receiver, all with a precision that has been commended by Prince Charles himself.

    Kids also have a very close bond with their lunchboxes, as they can easily relate to the kind of food they receive every single day. A mother’s home cooked meal is something that can only be experienced and enjoyed the same inside a beautifully crafted lunchbox holds an emotion of its own. Opening a lunchbox and finding your favourite sandwiches, neatly cut and tucked away can brighten up an otherwise ordinary day for any child.

    Lunch is such an integral part of the Indian lifestyle, so it's easy to say that the lunchbox holds an unofficially sacred spot in our hearts. India loves its lunchboxes and we love them too, which is why we've chosen only the best brands on our site. All the boxes are affordable, high-quality and will ensure there are no spillages within the different compartments inside them.

    Different shapes but the same joy

    When it comes to lunchboxes, there are so many options to choose from - ranging from colours, shapes, capacity and so much more. You must ensure that you’re purchasing a box that has a good durability factor in addition to versatility with regards to the number of compartments or spaces it offers.

    Tupperware is one brand that is known to elicit a response of pure nostalgia and joy among a lot of Indian children and adults alike. Their snack- or lunchboxes are created using a sturdy quality of plastic which keep foods unspoilt and intact over a long period of time. They are an iconic brand in the lunchbox space and for good reason.

    If you’re on bigbasket, getting yourself a sturdy lunchbox is a great decision because we guarantee only the best makes it to our site. Looking for high-grade plastic lunchboxes is important because they could sometimes emit poisonous substances into the food if the quality is poor. We take the effort of verifying these sellers and ensuring that all the boxes are fine and keep the food fresh throughout the day or the time you’re keeping it.

    Brands you can trust for life

    At bigbasket, we keep only the most trustworthy brands for products such as lunchboxes and containers. We know the importance of carrying home-cooked food for many individuals around the country. We host a whole lot of brands on our site and you can purchase from us at a time of your convenience.

    If you’re looking for a nice, insulated Thermos container, Milton is obviously a brand that can be trusted to deliver. We have many other Milton products, including the likes of kids’ boxes that come in a colourful design to enthral them during their lunchtime.

    School-going kids have a variety of choices for their lunchboxes, with beautiful designs to just liven up their days. Brands like Suvidha, Yellow Spark and more have creatively crafted boxes - with smiley faces and popular characters such as Chotta Bheem etched on their labels. You could also choose stainless steel boxes from Coconut.

    For those who like to have different compartments to their snacks, Signoraware and Pinnacle have boxes which can be purchased directly online. These compartments are great for those who love their roti-sabji-dahi or rice and chicken with a side of vegetables and they are airtight. This ensures that there is no spillage even if there are liquid items inside the boxes.

    Cello is another awesome and popular brand that sells on the bigbasket platform, and your food is bound to remain warm without losing any consistency. Many of these brands also sell lunchboxes that can be heated in a microwave to ensure long-lasting freshness all-year long.

    The bigbasket advantage

    When it comes to stocking boxes and daily products, bigbasket gets it right all the time. We take special care in soliciting products that are unique and will strike a chord with the customer. For our lunchboxes range also, you can choose between different colours, brands and designs and then easily purchase them online. Our smooth transaction methods make it simpler for anybody looking for a great way to get products without having to physically walk into a store and do the same.

    Whether its poori-chole or the humble dosa and chappathi, our lunchboxes allow you to carry a versatile range of items. Our range of boxes is also non-toxic and will not crumble under pressure, so you don’t have to worry about leakages inside the bag. You can also get the details of the lunch boxes you purchase by clicking on the product to get all the information you need.

    These lunch boxes can also be used and doubled up as storage boxes. Plastic boxes are a great way to store items such as pulses, grams, powders and more that would otherwise rot or lose their quality. At bigbasket, we also ensure that your product reaches you on time, with stringent quality checks in place to confirm freshness. You can also purchase yourself products from our website that are on offer every once in a while. We’re always giving out some awesome discounts so keep your eyes peeled out for the next! There are combo offers as well as value packs which will ensure that you save a lot of your money. Our payment method options also give you the flexibility to choose and pay whenever you feel like.

    Some of the top selling lunch box brands in bigbasket are Milton, Cello, Pinnacle, Signoraware and Asian.