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    Container sets are handy and prolific little items that are found in every kitchen. At Bigbasket, our focus is on providing our customers with all the basic necessities, ranging from plastic containers used in the kitchen to the glass containers which can help beautify your dining table. Everyone loves and hates these kitchen storage containers at the same time! These containers are handy, re-usable with a million and one uses. Yet they might occasionally drive you crazy. You have way too many containers and lids, they are stashed in every cabinet and drawer, and they occasionally fall out in a heap. Here, we offer you those airtight containers which are so much in demand in current times. Because they facilitate the use of tiffin boxes and allow you to choose freely from any of your favourite dish overlooking the fact about their liquid consistency. In this category of airtight boxes, we offer you with the trusted brands like Tupperware. Tupperware containers are way too light and handy for everyday use. Every time it is not possible to go for those old school products. With old school, we mean those steel boxes for storage purposes. Replacing those boxes with plastics storage boxes gives way to convince you for working in your kitchen. We also provide colourful and designer kitchen container set with the use of which you can you can recreate a creative ambience in your kitchen. Use these plastic oil containers we provide you at Bigbasket in a wide variety, which will not fail you as they are sheer convenience. Why hassle in the crowded markets for getting these pity daily use necessities when you can buy these plastic containers online here at bigbasket with just clicking. Out there in the market, you get a limited containers store you can compare among. But using our portal, you can easily get to see lots of options for just one type of food container and this will even help you compare among different brands with utter comfort. These plastic dabbas have in a way made out lives so dependent upon them. If you plan a picnic you surely need those disposable food containers or if you are travelling these food storage containers have made it all just so easy and tension free. And we here at Bigbasket offer you all at minimal prices. Your kitchen without these plastic containers set will become such a mess. There are so many things to be stored and each with different characters and uses. Keeping these practical problems in mind, we have made this exclusive category of plastic kitchen containers from where you can easily pick the ones which suit you best as per your needs and wants. We provide our customers with periodic discounts on these products. Along with plastics, we even present glass containers. Looking for glass jars to store your freshly prepared prickle? Order glass jars online India's best glass container will be at your doorsteps. We, at Bigbasket, ensure you the best quality products and that too at most reasonable prices with time to time offering you discounts.