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    In olden days our ancestors used to cook in charcoal stoves and later the modern gas stoves were introduced to reduce the stress involved in cooking by firing the wood. Similarly, cooking vessels were also modernised and in 19th-century pressure cookers started to become popular worldwide. The intention of inventing pressure cookers was to speed up the process of cooking by adding some sort of edible liquid inside the cooker for increasing the pressure while cooking. In today's busy world ladies must be finding it difficult to be on time at the office and to pack lunch for the family. So, a pressure cooker can be your friend in such a scenario to cook healthily and quickly. People started favouring pressure cookers for it reduced their cooking time by a huge margin compared to cooking in a covered pot. Today we have a wide range of cookers available online including electric cookers which can cook rice, steam vegetables and also prepare a variety of dishes making it a multi-cooker. These type of electric cookers have easy push-buttons for efficient handling and helps you prepare a sumptuous meal quickly.

    Types of Pressure Cookers

    1. Aluminium pressure cookers: These were initially invented to make pressure cookers affordable for all, later it became a trend to have aluminium pressure cookers. Since the time coloured aluminium pressure cookers have been introduced in the market, must tell you they really add charm to your kitchen. 2. Steel pressure cookers: Stainless vessels are mostly prefered for cooking as they can withstand high heat and are easy to clean. So are stainless steel pressure cookers like prestige cookers which are expensive but are more durable and suitable for rough-handling. Prestige pressure cookers go through various testing stages before they are released in the market and they are easy to maintain. 3. Hard-anodised pressure cookers: Hawkins cookers have hard-anodised cookers which are glossy, a good conductor of heat and also durable. Ladies prefer this type of cooker as they are corrosion resistant and also stain-free. You must consider different types of pressure cookers online before you decide on which one to buy as you do not want to keep buying them every year. Consider aluminium pressure cooker if you want an economical one. Whereas you can choose steel or hard-anodised if you want a long-lasting and easy to maintain pressure cooker. The popularity of induction for cooking has also led to the introduction of pressure cookers with induction base. Find different brands of pressure cookers like Hawkins, Prestige, Butterfly and Pigeon at best prices online. Pressure cookers also differ in the kind of lid they have, like some have an inner lid and some have an outer lid. There also different sizes of pressure cookers like 1ltr, 2 ltr, 3ltr, 5 ltr and so on. According to ones requirement size of the pressure cookers can be decided. Like for daily cooking for a family of four members, a 2-litre pressure cooker will be a great option, while you may need a 5-litre pressure cooker for occasions when you have guests coming in. Choose the type of pressure cooker which pleases you the most online at Bigbasket.