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    Buy Non stick Cookware Online

    The advent of technology has improved our lives to a great extent. We are at a stage where we can choose to live a healthy lifestyle without having to take any trouble at all. The best example f this is the use of non-stick cookware that can even be bought online to cook delicious and healthy food while giving your kitchen an eye-catching look. Here are a few reasons why we should switch to non-stick cookware.

    Advantages of using Non-stick cookware:

    1. They are easy to wash and dry: The absorption of the excess amount of oil in traditional cookware makes them very difficult to clean. Thus, they start to accumulate oily residue and cannot be used after a certain amount of time. In the case of Non-stick cookware, however, there is a protective coating present on the inner base that does not allow the oil to stick to the pan. Therefore, these utensils can be cleaned with ease and remain as good as new for a long period of time. Shifting to using the non-stick cooker and the likes will save a lot of time and also allow you to experiment with a variety of dishes and hone your culinary skills, without the fear of damaging your utensils. 2. You can make great tasting dishes without using any amount of oil: The best part about using a non-stick cookware set is the fact that you can prepare healthy dishes. How is that possible? Since non-sticking pans and pots can be used to prepare amazing dishes without using even a single drop of oil. The base coating, usually made of aluminium enhances the effect o the flame on the food in the pan and allows it to be cooked completely without leaving any scratch residue that can stick to the pan and cause harm. 3. They are scratch resistant: The aluminium coating on the base of this non-stick cookware not only facilitates oil-free cooking but also makes the base scratch resistant. Although, the right kind of spoons should be used when cooking in non-stick pans. Steel ladles and spoons will wear off the coating, thus, reducing the functionality of the pan and reducing it’s life-span. The use of non-stock spatulas or wooden spatulas is recommended in order to maintain the base coating. 4. Heat is distributed equally all around the utensil: The use of non-stick cookware while cooking your dishes allows the heat from the flame to spread evenly all over the base, thereby, heating the pan in equal amounts on all sides and allowing the food to get cooked evenly and at a faster rate than normal cooking utensils. The even distribution of the flame also ensures that the flame is not concentrated in just one area and the outer base of the utensils is not blackened or damaged also saving fuel at the same time. 5. They appear to be stylish and modern: The dark greyish coating of non-stick cookware doesn’t get old from regular washing, thus, imparting a stylish look to them. Your kitchen also gets a modern appeal. Nowadays, there are new designs and colours of Prestige non-stick cookware set available in the market that can be bought as a pleasant change from the dull aluminium and steel utensils. Numerous designs of non-stick cookware can be bought online at Big Basket’s e-commerce website.