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    A great solution for hunger pangs, Nachos have been around for almost seven decades. These spicy and crunchy tortilla chip can be sprinkled with seasoning or enjoyed with a salsa dip every time you are hungry. The nachos, however, have a lot of history attached to them, let's take a look at a few of these:

    Fun Facts about Nachos:

    • It Is Named After A Person None of us might have thought about it while we were crunching on a tasty bit if nacho, but, nachos were actually named after a person! Yes! ‘Nacho’ is a common nickname for the Mexican name Ignatius and it was a person named Ignatius who invent these delicious snacks by accident when he was asked to prepare something in a kitchen that had no ingredients. • They Were First Made Almost Seventy Years Ago The first nachos came into existence almost seventy years ago. Nacho first prepared a spread of his famed ‘Nacho Especiales’ in the year 1943 to feed the wives of the officers stationed in Texas who had crossed the border to shop and wanted to have a bite. Although Nacho was not the cook of the restaurant, he didn’t let the ladies leave in disappointed and created this spectacular dish using tortilla chips, cheddar cheese, and Jalapenos, which were the only things available. • They Can Be Characterized As Modern And Traditional In the present day, Nachos can be termed as modern and traditional. The popular Cornito nacho can be topped with any kind of topping, be it shredded beef, chicken or salsa. This rendition of the famous cheese dip nacho is known as modern nacho while the savored cheese and jalapeno versions are traditional. • The Recipe Can Be Tweaked At-Will The recipe of these crunchy delicacies is such that you can twist it whenever you want to create something that is completely out the blue. So you can easily add pringles and Dorito nachos together to prepare a spread of lasagne or even form chocolate nachos that can be enjoyed by all. • Nachos Were Invented Mexico The nachos were invented in the state of Mexico. The fun part is that it was invented on the border of Mexico and Texas, in the United States. The people of Mexico enjoy the crunchy bite of nachos quite a lot even to this day and have developed various recipes that can be savoured all over the world. Although Mexican, they were more famous in the United States These spicy and tangy snacks were more famous in the United States than they were in Mexico, as it was easy to make and could be eaten in stadiums while enjoying a great match of basketball or hockey. Big Basket has a variety of options of nachos chips that you can choose from on their online website and place an order so that you can have a bag just for yourself. You can even customize it with a dip of your choice and enjoy a great snack.