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    Fruits play a major role in keeping a person’s mind and body healthy and active. Fresh fruits contain all the healthy nutrients that is required for smooth functioning of our body throughout the day. It is important to include at least one fruit, especially citrus fruit in your daily diet for a balanced and healthy meal. Fruits contain a lot of vitamins and nutrients that cannot be usually made by the human body. Including fresh fruits in your daily diet will give you the benefits of balancing blood pressure and many other heart related diseases as it contains very little traces of bad fats and salt. The nutrients obtained from fruits cannot be obtained from any other food and hence it is important to include them in your diet. It is always better to eat the fruit as a whole rather than a juice. At Bigbasket, you can order a wide variety of citrus fruits online such as orange, kiwi fruit, watermelon, muskmelon, melon, mosambi, sweet lime, kharbooja, etc. Fresho is thebrand which supplies fresh citrus fruits at Bigbasket. Kiwi is very rich in vitamin C much more than any other citrus fruits. Some of the kiwi fruit benefits that one can get are that it is a good source of dietary fiber, it aids in digestion, it is also a rich source of folate, it helps induce sleep and cure insomnia, it is packed with minerals and vitamins, it promotes beautiful and soft skin. Kiwi fruit price on Bigbasket is Rs.56 for a 3 piece kiwi pack weighing around 270 to 300g per pack. Orange fruit in Bigbasket is available in various types such as imported oranges, Nagpur and Santra Oranges, organically grown oranges, Kinnow oranges and baby oranges. The types of melon fruit available are watermelons, muskmelon fruit or Kharbooj, sun melon, premium honeydew watermelon, honeydew musk melon, kaalingad watermelon, square watermelon and organically grown watermelon and musk melon. The types of Mosambi fruit available are economy priced at Rs.155 for 3kgs, organically grown mosambi priced at Rs.58 for 6 pieces and premium mosambi priced at Rs.68 or 4 pieces. Citrus fruits contain several antioxidants that help in preventing a wide range of illnesses and diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer and many others. It contains a lot of fiber, vitamin C, calcium, folate, Vitamin A and potassium that is required by the body. Order your favourite fresh citrus fruits now on Bigbasket and get your daily dose of nutrients delivered to your doorstep.