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    Sugar is essentially nothing but a type of carbohydrate called sucrose, which is comprised of glucose and fructose. Our body uses the glucose for energy, while the fructose is converted into glucose by the body. Sugar forms an essential part of our diet and although it has received bad press for being unhealthy, eating it in moderation leads to several health benefits. The sweet taste of sugar is very addictive and tempting and it is okay to give in to your sweet cravings but the key lies in moderation. If sugar is used properly it can have several health benefits, the first and foremost being the instant energy boost, sugar also helps in storing energy for later, enhances the mood, raises low blood pressure immediately, sugar also plays an important role in the healthy functioning of the brain. Without sugar, the brain cannot function properly and can lead to blackouts. There are several different types of natural sugar alternatives to the white refined sugar we eat. Some of the natural sugars you can opt for are brown sugar, raw sugar and coconut sugar. The price of these natural sugars is quite inexpensive, for instance, the brown sugar price starts from Rs 85 per kg. While the prominent white sugar price starts from Rs 44 per kg. These are online sugar price in India as seen on bigbasket. The market sugar rate can be higher. Buying sugar online from bigbasket can be beneficial owing to the attractive discounts offered on the site. And so you can avail of the attractive discounts on your favourite Madhur sugar price. In addition to the various different types of sugars, bigbasket also has a huge assortment of artificial sweeteners like stevia sugar and aspartame products like Sugar-free Natura sugar sachets, istevia and Wipro sweeteners to name a few. The prices of these sugar-free sugar are quite cheap and affordable and so you can happily enjoy your sweet drinks and desserts. Another very healthy alternative for sugar is black jaggery. There are mainly two types of jaggery – sugarcane jaggery and date palm jaggery, both are quite beneficial for the health. Jaggery contains almost the same amount of calories as sugar but jaggery nutrition profile is higher than sugar and even though jaggery calories are high it is good for the health. Some of the jaggery benefits are it prevents constipation, detoxes the liver, treats flu-like symptoms, purifies the blood, boosts immunity, cleanses the body, eases menstrual pain, prevents anaemia, boosts intestinal health, cools the stomach, controls the blood pressure, prevents respiratory problems, relieves joint pain and aids weight loss. With so many health benefits it is only wise to start introducing jaggery in our diets. Jaggery is popularly available in small blocks apart from that you can also find jaggery powder and jaggery crystals online at bigbasket. The jaggery price is inexpensive and is depended upon the type of jaggery being bought (organic jaggery, regular yellowish jaggery, powder and crystals) and the brand of jaggery. Bigbasket has an extensive array of sugar, natural sugar and jaggery to choose from. Just browse through the sugar and jaggery section and buy your choice of sweeteners today. Brown sugar is a sucrose sugar product with a distinctive brown colour due to the presence of molasses. Although it has slightly more minerals than refined white sugar, the mineral content is too small to provide any real health benefits.

    Calories in brown sugar:

    There are 380 calories in 100 grams of brown sugar.

    Jaggery nutritional value:

    The nutrition profile for jagger can vary, depending on the type of plant used to make it. However, most jaggery contains more nutrients than refined sugar because of its molasses content. Jaggery contains iron, magnesium, potassium and manganese in addition to small amounts of B vitamins and minerals, including calcium, zinc, phosphorus and copper.

    How many calories does jaggery have?

    There are 19 calories in a teaspoon of Jaggery. And the entire calorie content is from carbohydrates.

    What is the nutritional value of sugar?

    Sugar is a source of carbohydrate and energy. It provides 4 calories per gram or 16 calories in a level teaspoon. It is made up of 100% carbohydrates and has no protein or fat in it.

    Is brown sugar better than white sugar?

    Brown sugar contains molasses which have certain minerals like calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium. However, as these minerals are present in very small amounts, there is no real benefit to using brown sugar over white sugar.

    Sugar and Jaggery Online

    Brown sugar is a sucrose sugar product with a distinctive brown colour due to the presence of molasses. Brown sugar is mostly more granulated than white sugar and it also provides a hint of extra flavour to the dish it is used in too. Brown sugar is commonly used to sweeten baked goods, beverages, sauces, and marinades. Some varieties of natural brown sugar are also used to make alcoholic beverages like rum. Another common variety of sugar is the palm sugar. Palm sugar is a sweetener derived from any variety of palm trees. Both palm sugar and Jaggery contains minerals like potassium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, manganese and copper, which has made it a more popular choice than brown and white sugar. Brown sugar, however, is also commonly used in many homemade skin treatments as it is known to be a natural exfoliator. You can easily buy palm sugar, jaggery or brown sugar online from bigbasket.

    Sugar brands and price in India

    Sugar is an unavoidable ingredient that is used in many food preparations. It is part of every family grocery list. Top brands selling sugar in India are Mawana, Trust, Dhampur, Parry S, Madhur, bb Royal etc. Price of good quality sugar starts from Rs 40 per kg

    Alternatives to sugar

    We tend to add additional processed sugar to our foods to satisfy our sweet tooth. This can turn out to be harmful to our health in the long run in many ways. It is thus important to make wise and healthy choices while picking such additives for our kitchen. Some of the best healthy alternatives to white sugar are organic brown sugar and jaggery. To keep up with the number of people joining the healthy conscious bandwagon, several brands have come up with their own healthy version of sugar. Bigbasket gives you access to a whole wide range of these sugar alternatives, including sugar free tablets. You can choose from this range according to your needs. The sugar price completely depends on the form of sugar you wish to buy and the brand as well. Make healthier choices by picking from bigbasket’s range of sugar choices now!