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    Salt is an important ingredient in the preparation of meals anywhere in the world. Also known as table salt or common salt, it is the main source of sodium in our daily diet. The question in many people’s minds is “Is salt good for your health?” The answer is the right amount of intake is salt is definitely beneficial for your health. Although salt is naturally present in many foods, it is required to add a minimum extra in our cooking for taste as well as to improve our mineral intake. bigbasket offers a wide range of brands that sell top quality commercial salts for you to purchase. Since salt is a fast moving everyday good, every household is required to buy it on a regular basis. It is thus, extremely important to consider salt price according to your monthly budget. Salt price in India varies from brand to brand, with a starting range of Rs.12 per kg to more than Rs.30 per kg. Not only does the brand matter, but also the type of salt you are buying matters. For example: There is iodized salt, sea salt, Indian salt and pure salt. Different brands manufacture and sell different kinds of salt. The common salt price in India is quite reasonable but may vary depending on the brands. Sea salt in India is found in plenty, and in fact India is one of the major exporters of salt. Sea salt and table salt usually carry similar amount of nutritional value. Table salt is more practical to use at homes as it is processed to prevent clumping. If you are looking to buy sea salt online, rock salt online or any kind of salt, bigbasket is the place for you! Our online store offers some of the best quality of salt brands such as Tata salt, Saffola salt and iFlo salt. You need not worry about quality while shopping with us. Buy your preferred kind of salt online on bigbasket and have it delivered to your doorstep within no time.

    Iodized Salt

    Iodized salt is simply table salt mixed with a minute amount of various other salts of the element iodine. This helps prevent iodine deficiency.

    Iodized salt benefits

    Iodized salt provides many health benefits, which is why it is considered one of the best salts for health. A few of these benefits would include: • Improved thyroid function • Improved brain function • Promoting healthy pregnancies • Fighting depression • Preventing irritable bowel syndrome • Removing toxins

    Rock salt vs sea salt

    Sea salt is produced by the evaporation of seawater and is therefore argued to contain more minerals than other salts making it a better choice. Rock salt, on the other hand, also known as halite, is already found in a solid form and then mined. Both sea salt and rock salt contain sodium chloride, which means that their flavours are almost identical.

    What is iodized salt?

    Iodized salt is a form of table salt which has iodine added to it. This helps prevent a disease of the thyroid gland.

    Which salt is good for health?

    Iodized salt is considered a better option as it helps with thyroid regulation. However, for someone suffering from high blood pressure, choosing salt that is low in sodium chloride is a better option.

    Types of Salt:

    There are 5 types of salts that are commonly used. These are: • Table salt or refined salt • Kosher salt • Sea salt • Rock salt • Himalayan pink salt


    Salt is used as a basic yet important ingredient in one's day to day life. Table salt is the most important ingredient in your kitchen. Not only does it add a flavour to your food but it also releases food molecules in the air which give an aroma to cherish with the taste. Salt price elsewhere is reasonably higher than the salt prices in India and also India is a home to various salts that are found from rocks. We at Bigbasket provide our customers with a variety of salt with discount. Salt particularly comes from two sources, the sea or the earth. Most salts are sea salt, which is obtained through evaporation of seawater are widely used like Tata salt, Himalayan sea salt, etc. Those salts that are harvested from salt mines are less commonly used for consumption. Natural, unrefined salts that have come in contact with different minerals can have a tinge of colour, like pink which are widely found in India like Himalayan salt, rock salt, black salt, pink salt. Salt crystals or non iodized salt are beneficial for health for people who suffer from the deficiency of iodine. Bigbasket offers you the sale of all kinds of salt including Himalayan rock salt, pink rock salt, Himalayan pink salt, iodized salt or non iodized salt and salt crystals which are rarely found in the market these days. You will receive a profit even in the daily salt that you use like the tata namak price. We provide you with exclusive offers and you can enjoy your product at home because we even provide home delivery. Although salt is a common product, you put in money evrey month in it and certainly cannot survive without the intake of salt. So, a small amount of discount can also make a great difference in your budget like the tata namak price is comparatively lower here. Pink salt or Himalayan salt are not easily available these days and they are not found in every corner of the country. But it's possible to intake such salts by people around if they have an internet access. You need not run searching around the market for pink rock salt or Himalayan salt or such and get a taste of it by just clicking a button. So, it's important that you choose it accordingly to add a variety in your food. Salt is one of the most necessary items in your lives, but the quality that you intake determines your health. Most people suffer from a lot of diseases due to the bad quality of salt. Many of the brands are not trustworthy and it will be difficult for you to decide if a particular salt contains less amount of iodine or not. Bigbasket provides you with reliable data and the best quality of salts which you can order from home without any worry.

    Health benefits of Salt

    Salt is a crucial element of any savoury food item and the lack of proper seasoning can bring down any meal. Besides, the taste factor, salt also forms an important part of a person’s diet and is one of the chief sources of sodium and chloride ions. Some of the many health benefits of salt include – it prevents iodine deficiency, maintains electrolyte balance, improves cardiovascular health, maintains healthy levels of insulin, relieves muscle cramps and much more.

    Salt Price

    The best thing about salt is its affordability. A 1 kg packet of salt price averages a mere 19 INR and looking at the wide range of health benefits associated with it, shelling out a few rupees is an extremely small price to pay for the amazing benefits salt provides. Now you can find a variety of salts available at bigbasket. You get to choose from the regular iodized table salts to Himalayan pink salt, rock salt and black salt. So, order your choice of salt and give your food a healthy boost.