Soda & Cocktail Mix

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    Soda and cocktail mix Online

    Sodas are fizzy aerated drinks that have several uses. However, they are most commonly used as cocktail mixes giving your drink the fizz that they need. No party is complete without a dozen bottles of soda to buzz up the scene. These fizzy drinks can easily be found in supermarkets around you and can now also be brought on bigbasket’s online store.

    Benefits and uses of Soda

    Soda or carbonated water also has digestion benefits. It also helps with relieving constipation, improving swallowing and increases feeling of fullness. With the use of soda, you can also make fruit cocktails. Lemon and raspberry flavored cocktails are popular options that are liked by many.

    Soda brands and price

    Some of the top brands that sell soda are Kinley, Schweppes and Lehar. You can find both can and bottles of sodas of these brands. The price for a 600 ml bottle starts from Rs 18.

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