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    Like it or hate it soft drinks are here to stay. Can you ever imagine a party without these fizzy drinks? Soft drinks have received much flak for their high sugar content but still the consumption of cold drink is quite high and people are still gulping down this sugary beverage with their burgers and fries. Soft drinks are indeed bad for the health, but the occasional party drink never hurts anyone, the key lies in moderation. Not everything is actually bad about soft drinks and they do have certain benefits, for instance, it gives a convenient energy boost and is quite helpful in an upset stomach. The caffeine found in cold drinks also help in stimulating the central nervous system, helps break down fatty acids in the liver, uplifts the moods and alleviates a headache. For those who love the cola flavour but are not keen on the high sugar content can opt for the diet soda offered by all the Cold drinks manufacturers. Plus the diet coke price is also pretty inexpensive so take your pick from diet coke or diet pepsi and enjoy a non-alcoholic refreshing beverage. You can buy your choice of cold drink online from bigbasket that has a huge list of soft drinks and an equally exhaustive energy drinks list. Just browse through the wide selection of coca cola drinks, Kinley soda and other beverages and order online and have it delivered to you at your home. Nowadays, even energy drinks have become quite popular and more and more people are opting for them over a cold drink bottle. Some of the popular energy drinks in India are Monster energy drink, Tzinga and Red bull to name a few. There are also quite a few benefits to drinking energy drinks like – it gives an instant energy boost and makes you alert. Many energy drinks contain antioxidants and healthy nutrients like Vitamin A, C and E which fend off free radicals and strengthen the immune system. Energy drinks are also lower in calorie than your average soda drink. What’s even more alluring about soft drinks and energy drinks is their low price. The average coco cola price is pretty cheap. The cold drink prices vary depending upon the packaging and quality and so a coke can price is slightly more than your cold drink bottle price. If for such a small amount of money one can get an instant energy boost and a refreshing mood so why not? Enjoy your coca cola cold drink with friends and family and take a break from counting calories.