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    Buy Nail Polish, Nail Paints and Other Nail Products Online at Best Price from bigbasket

    Choose from a wide range of nail products online at great price on bigbasket. Matte, Glossy, Clear, Creme and Glitter Shades available.

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    A bright and colourful formulation, nail paints have always been a girl’s go-to option to flaunt pretty hands. But, have you ever wondered how many different types of nail polishes there are? Here is a list of some of the most common types of nail paints for you to select from.

    Crème Nail Polish

    Available in a variety of shades, the crème nail paint is the most common type of nail colour in the market. Infused with shine-crystals, the nail polish comes in light and dark shades. They have a creamy consistency that helps it to glide over smoothly onto the nails, giving the perfect colour crush effect. These nail paints are also a great choice to try out different nail-art techniques as they dry out quite fast.

    Gel Nail Polish

    A new rage in the market, gel nail polish is a more expensive and better version of the crème nail polish. They have the same consistency as the crème nail polish, however, their formulation is chip resistant, long-lasting and brighter. Earlier the gel nail paints required treatment under a UV light to dry out and give the desired look; however, now they can be used even at home for the desired look.

    Matte Nail Polish

    These nail enamels are formulated the same way as crème nail paints, except the fact that they do not have the polish in them. Usually available in dark and pastel shades, these nail paints leave behind a vibrant colour on the nail, but they do not impart any type of shine or shimmer to your nails. So if you are not a big fan of the shine, then these nail paints are the perfect choice for you.

    Metallic Nail Polish

    Perfect for a sheen detailed look, the metallic nail paint leaves behind a shiny residue that makes your nails glisten like a metal. They do not contain visible glitter particles but have sparkling glitter dust infused within the formula that gives it the much-loved shine. They usually come in metallic shades like gold, silver and bronze. These nail polishes are smooth and creamy as well, making sure you do not have any coarse paint on your nails that needs to be covered up by a topcoat.

    Chrome Nail Polish

    More of a manicure than a nail paint, chrome nail polish gives a complete mirror-like effect. The look is usually achieved with a chrome powder, an applicator and a nail lamp to allow the powder to set, along with the normal nail paint and the top coat. This long-lasting look is perfect for a beautiful look that makes your nails stand out and gives them an eye-catching shine. Now, how do you get the beautiful nail looks that you see online? Here are some of the most popular type of nail art that you can experiment with.

    Faded Pastel Nails

    • Apply a white coloured base coat. It is always a great idea to go for matte nail paint as other colours will be more visible over it.
    • Use a sponge applicator, you can cut one out of a bath sponge or a dishwasher sponge, and apply your favourite pastel nail paint over it.
    • Dab the sponge over your nails while leaving a little white on the top corner.
    • Apply another light nail colour on the sponge and apply it over the white part to give a dual coloured effect.
    • Use a transparent top coat to blend the sponged in colours for a smooth and shiny look.
    • Use a cuticle cleaner to clean up the mess on the edges and showcase a beautiful pastel-hued shade.

    Ombre Nails

    • The first step is to apply a black coloured base coat. You can also go for a white base, depending on the kind of look that you like.
    • Let the base dry out completely. You can dip your fingers in an ice bath to speed up the drying process.
    • Get a darker coloured polish, you can choose from bright blue or bright purple, and put on a make-up sponge.
    • Dab the painted make-up sponge onto the top part of the nails.
    • You have to start from the top of the nails and move down to the bottom part. This will give a fade-out effect.
    • Now take a lighter shade of the colour that you have chosen and dab it on top of the previous colour.
    • Keep repeating the process until the colour is visible.
    • Finish the look by applying a top coat while the paint is still wet so that you can have a completely blended ombre effect on your nails.

    Newspaper Nails

    • Start by painting your nails white or a dull sepia shade.
    • Pour out a little alcohol into a small cup. Vodka gives the best results.
    • Cut out small strips of newspaper that have a good amount of print on them.
    • Dip your nail in the alcohol cup and then place the newspaper strip over it. Gently rubbing it. Keep in mind that the paper should not shift from its position.
    • Peel the paper off the nails after a minute.
    • Apply a top coat to allow the print to stay for a longer time.

    Taped Up Nails

    • Apply a thick coat of your favourite type of nail paint.
    • Let the paint dry out completely.
    • Cut out small pieces of cellotape and stick them onto your nails in a pattern that you like. Geometric patterns work wonders in imparting a great look.
    • Take another nail paint that is contrasting to the base colour and paint over the tapes completely.
    • Carefully peel off the cellotape while the nail polish is still wet.
    • Apply a top coat once the paint is dry to even out the colour and impart a shiny reflection to it.
    Ready to buy your favourite nail paints and try these nail art techniques at home? Well, you can always get them on bigbasket’s online website. Buy nail polish from popular brands like Lakme, Maybelline, Deborah, Revlon and more from bigbasket.