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    Lipstick Online: Buy Lip Gloss, Lip Liner, Lip Crayon Online at Great Prices

    No girl’s handbag is ever completely filled until she has a stick of lip colour stashed inside its folds. Lipsticks have forever been a girl’s best friend, adding that dash of colour to liven up a dull face. Available in different types and shades, there is a lipstick to suit every woman’s needs. Whether you have thin lips or full ones, lipsticks are known to enhance the look of each one and impart a bright and colourful allure to them. But, have you ever wondered how many different types of lipsticks there are? Here we list out some of the most popular types available on Big Basket’s online platform to help you find the one that can be your perfect mate.

    Some of the most popular types of lipsticks today include the glossy or the matte lipsticks. Creamy roll-up lipsticks are one of the most common types that have been there since time immemorial. This a detailed list of the eight major types of lipsticks that you go through to help you make a better choice.

    Gloss Lipsticks

    One of the most common forms of lipsticks, the gloss lipstick comes in some of the best shades that can ever be. These lipsticks are available in a liquid form with an applicator or they come in the form of a twist-up stick. Their unique property lies in the fact that they impart a glossy shine to your lips, making them sparkle under the light. This adds fullness to thin lips and makes them look plump and pretty. So, if you have lips that are thinner than usual, grab up on your favourite glossy shades and flaunt the perfect pout.

    Matte Lipsticks

    The latest rage in the present season, matte lipsticks have taken the make-up market by storm. These soft and creamy formulas give your lips a flat and vibrant coloured appearance, albeit the absence of shine. They are known to make the lips look fuller and younger. Most are built in the form of crayon sticks with a pointed tip that helps you to outline your lips with ease and make sure that they are shaped exactly as you want them to be. There are a few matte lipsticks available in the market that come with the infusion of shea or cocoa butter or aloe vera gel to protect the lips and enrich them with essential oils for a smooth and pink look. Lakme Enrich Matte Lipstick, 4.7 gm is priced at Rs. 270. Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Lip Color, 3.6 gm is priced at Rs. 500.

    Sheer Lipstick

    If you have forever been troubled by dry and chapped lips that make your lipstick look cakey and flaked, then you can go for a sheer lipstick that provides nourishment and moisturize the lips at the same time. They are infused with essential oils and come in a translucent shade with sparkling crystals that impart a light tint on the lips along with a shining reflection. These lipsticks are perfect for everyday use, especially to rock the nine to five look.

    Lip Tints and Stains

    Formulated with the longest lasting technique in a variety of colours, lips stains are perfect for a soft and subtle appearance. The lips stains, usually sold in a tube with a squeeze up brush applicator look like a stain on the lip with a minimal amount of shine and stay for quite a long time, allowing your lips to have a beautiful blush shade that plumps them up. To enhance the look of your lip stain, layer it up with a glossy lipstick or a translucent gloss. This will amp up your make-up and serve as the perfect option for an evening outing.

    Cream Lipsticks

    Most of the lipsticks available in the market are infused with a creamy formula that gives them a smooth and plush feel. These lipsticks contain a moisturizing formula that allows them to glide over the lips smoothly, imparting a vibrant colour and long-lasting stay, letting you flaunt a vivid look. Creamy lipsticks are also known for the fact that they do not let the lips dry out very fast and stay soft for a long time. However, most of them are transferable and can stain your drinking glasses every time you have a sip out of it.

    Frosted Lipsticks

    If you love a little glitter on your lips, then frosted lipsticks are the best choice for you. These lipsticks are formulated with pearl dust or crystal dust, giving a beautiful shine on the lips that shines under the glow of lights. These lipsticks act as the perfect companions for a party look, making sure you can rock a bold look. However, frosted lipsticks have a heavy formula that feels heavier on the lips and dries it out through the day.

    Pencil Lipsticks

    Need a precise outliner for shaping your lips? Then pencil lipsticks should be your go-to type of lipstick. Lip pencils come in a wooden body, with a creamy pointed tip. They ease the application of the lipstick as the pointed tip can reach all curves and points in the lips, covering them completely. Buy a sharpener with the lip pencil to keep the tip pointed at all times. These pencils are good for creating ombre effects where you can apply them at the top and mix them up with a gloss lipstick or a sheer one.

    Liquid Lipsticks

    A new and improved formula that is finding its hold in the lip colour market, liquid lipsticks are soon becoming the lipsticks of choice. These lipsticks come in thin tubes with a brush applicator dipped inside it. They have a wet formulation that can easily be applied on the lips and leaves behind a sheen detail that shines through the day. Liquid lipsticks may either be matte or gloss, giving your lips a fuller and plumped up look. Lakme Absolute Matte Melt Liquid Lip Colour, 6 ml is priced at Rs. 750.

    Ready to stock up on your favourite lipstick type? You can find all the different types available from a variety of brands like Lakme, Deborah, Revlon on bigbasket’s beauty store. Choose from the shades you like or buy the ones that best suit your occasional needs.