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    Buy Eye Kajal and Eye Care Product Online

    As the famous proverb has aptly put it ‘Eyes are a window to our soul’, eyes are definitely one of the most defining facial features of women and doing eye makeup properly can significantly enhance the look and make heads turn. Eye makeup might seem quite simple to a novice’s eyes, but there are quite a few things that need to be done to achieve that perfect eye makeup, right from defining the perfect eyebrow shape to the application of kajal and other eye makeup. For this purpose, one needs some specific tools and cosmetics to enhance the beauty of the eyes namely – mascara, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and eyeshadow. There are innumerable brands offering a selection of eye makeup products in a range of shades and types, to play along with your looks. However, choosing among them can be quite dicey since harsh products can cause severe eye irritation and discomfort. As such when it comes to eye makeup make sure to buy only the best. One of the brands that has been consistently voted among the best makeup brands in India is Maybelline. Maybelline offers a range of superior quality eye makeup products along with other cosmetics that are highly revered by ladies and makeup artists alike. In fact, the Maybelline colossal kajal is quite popular among the ladies owing to its smooth finish and smudge proof formula. The colossal kajal is also two times darker than regular kajal and lasts for a longer period of time, making it great for everyday wear. Besides the Kajal eyeliner, Maybelline is renowned for its high-class makeup products crafted by experts. It offers a range of Maybelline eyeliner in different shades and types like liquid eyeliner, eye pencil, gel pencil liner, gel liner and ink liner. In addition to that, there is also a range of world-class eye shadows, mascara and the likes offered by Maybelline New York. Just like Maybelline, another eye kajal that is counted among the best kajal in India is the Lakme eyeconic kajal which is also smudge - free and waterproof and can last up to 10 hours. The eyeconic kajal is available in six exciting shades namely – black, grey, brown, white, blue and green. The beauty of this Lakme kajal is that it instantly highlights the eyes making them look beautiful. Another great Lakme eye makeup product is the Lakme eyeliner which offers a dramatic makeover at a minimal price. There are approximately ten different types of Lakme eyeliners available and come in varied types and shades like liquid eyeliner, eyeliner pens and eyeliner pencils. Some of the vibrant colours available in Lakme eyeliners include mint, black, violet, blue, brown, grey, green, white and turquoise among others. You can easily find a range of Maybelline and Lakme eye makeup products online on bigbasket that too at attractive prices and with assured home delivery. So just choose the eye makeup kit you are comfortable with and play along. Beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder. However, beauty can also be the eyes of the bearer. With a hectic work schedule and no time to catch up on some good sleep, your eyes are often drained out and you start developing dark circles under eyes and tired looking eyes. While enough sleep and self care is the ultimate solution to brighter and beautiful eyes, there are several quick fixes for them as well. You can now shop from a range of eye make-up and eye care products on bigbasket. Eye products have captured a huge market in the make-up industry. There is a wide range of variety under the eye make-up sector that you can use on your eyes to accentuate them. Eye shadow, kohl, eyeliner, mascara are some of the most popular and common products used for your eyes. Kajal is almost every girls go-to product to amp her look in double folds. There are several top brands that come up with eye kajal not only of different thickness and boldness, but also of different colours. Some of the best brands that you can shop for online on bigbasket are Lakme kajal. Lakme eyeconic kajal and Loreal kajal magique, they are some of the best kajals given their smoothness, thickness and long lasting properties. Lakme eyeliners and Maybelline eyeliners are also the most preferred brands for eyeliners. Apart from eyeliner pencils and Kajal, you can also find eyebrow pencils that are used to make great eyebrow shapes. Meanwhile, there are products like under eye creams, roll on and gels to take care of the dark circles under your eyes. Garnier roll on and Mamaearth are great treatments for the same. However, if you are looking for more natural products, the almond oil from Biotique can do the job for you. Shop for your kajal eyeliner, eye shadow kit, mascara and other eye products on bigbasket and have it delivered to you at your house. You no longer have to walk through the pesky saleswomen trying to sell their own brands to you at the store. Browse through the various options made available to you online and make your choice. We understand the importance of quality when it comes to products being used on your skin or face and thus only offer the best available brands in the market. Buy your eye make-up online on bigbasket now!