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    The growing technology has made it so simple to manage the curly hair as you can simply straighten them using a hair straightener brush, thus having smooth, shiny, and straight hair. We, at Bigbasket, take care of all the basic necessity of our customers with product categories ranging from the groceries items to tool accessories. Moreover, in this category of tool accessories, we've got hair brush, hair straightener combs, safety scissors and even comb cleaner for you. At Bigbasket, you will get every product of your daily use and combs are also not left ignored. For this, we have even sub categorised the category of tool accessories into the different type of combs because these combos are preferred by different people having different hair types. We have got wooden combs for the people who have a highly sensitive scalp and are recommended not to use plastic combs. Want to style your hair according to your mood? Now you won't have to run to the beauty parlour again and again for getting them curled, straightened or cramped. You can do it all by yourself using the various varieties of tool accessories we offer you at Bigbasket. If you want to curl your hair without damaging them with the heat of the heat color, you can use around comb or maybe a roller comb can help you even more. Along with these various types of hair combs at our Bigbasket store, we also provide you with a wide range of brands you can pick from. Among these Vega hairbrush and bristle brush are two of the most trusted brands that you can get within a matter few clicks. In this polluted air, if you move out just for an hour, you can see the damage it does to your hair. Oiling is not an everyday possibility, so dry and damaged hair keep on getting entangled ultimately resulting in a huge amount of hair fall. We can't solve all your problems but this problem with the entangled hair can be solved with our latest collection of detangling brush. Early in the morning when you wash your hair and soon are to leave for college or say your office, hair dryer is a must, thus we even offer you the latest blow dryer brush. As hair fall has become the number one problem because of exposure to the polluted air, water, and even the consumption of a regular diet having not so high nutritious value. All this makes these products utmost necessary for everyone so as to have a wide tooth comb which at least for time being gives you the satisfaction of less hair fall. Order your favourite and most suitable hairdressing accessory online from the Bigbasket store.