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    Buy Baby Soap, Baby Shampoo Online at Best Price from bigbasket

    When it comes to our babies, we want nothing less than the best for them. So, why settle for just any regular soap. bigbasket offers a wide array of baby soaps in India making it easy for all new parent to give their babies the best care possible. You can find numerous national and international brands of baby soaps, baby shampoos, baby cream, baby tubs, and baby bath seats online at bigbasket along with a wide range of other baby products.

    Some of the popular brands selling baby soaps and baby products on bigbasket are Tedibar Soap, Himalaya Baby Soap, Johnson baby, Mama earth baby soap and Mee Mee baby soap. Besides the above-mentioned brands, there are plenty of other brands of baby soap available at bigbasket. You can conveniently browse through our large selection of baby soaps and baby products and buy the perfect baby soap for your precious little one. What makes these baby soaps and baby shampoos different from regular soaps and shampoos is that they are free from any harsh chemicals and are mild and gentle on a baby’s skin. Although baby soaps and other baby products are safe to use and rarely cause any skin issues, it is always advisable to look for any sign of rash or skin irritation after using any baby product. Most baby soaps, baby creams are specifically crafted to be mild on a baby’s skin and not rob them of their essential moisture. You can even find baby milk soaps on bigbasket that have the benefit of milk in it and are great for your baby’s skin.

    Just like baby soaps, baby shampoos are also extremely mild. Although they clean the oil and grime from the baby’s head, they don’t cause any irritation even if it somehow manages to get into the baby’s eye. Johnson’s Baby Shampoo is one such baby shampoo, which is considered to be the best baby shampoo in India. Apart from the wide selection of best soap for new-born babies, you can also find other baby products online at bigbasket.

    Frequently asked questions on Baby Soap

    What is the right age to use soap for babies?

    Babies do not get as dirty as adults do, and thus they seldom require rigorous cleaning regimes. However, a mild cleanser designed for babies can be used to clean the baby’s groin area, folds of arms and legs. Ideally, baby soap can be used on babies aged one year and older.

    Which is the best soap for my baby?

    Many renowned brands make baby care products that you can choose. We recommend choosing brands that use organic ingredients making their products.

    Do babies require soap?

    Babies have really delicate skin and very soft skin. Using soap on their skin can dry and deprive their skin of natural moisture. A water bath is good enough for a baby, especially for newborn or very young babies. However, a mild cleanser, which is specially formulated for a baby’s soft and supple skin can be used, if required.

    Which is the suited soap for a newborn baby?

    Pick up a soap that is glycerine based or is specially formulated to keep the natural moisture of the skin intact. You can opt for tried and trusted brands or the ones that are recommended by your doctor!

    How do I keep the baby’s skin healthy using baby soap?

    Taking proper care of your baby’s hygienic needs goes a long way in keeping your baby’s skin healthy. Proper hydration, oil massage, right water temperature for bath, and choosing the right baby soap are some measures that can keep your little one’s skin glowing and shiny.

    How often should I bathe my baby?

    Some parents like giving baths to your babies on a daily basis, however, until your baby is moving around or crawling, bathing him three to four times a week should suffice. Excessive bathing may derive moisture from your baby’s skin, thereby making it dry!

    Do I need to wash my baby’s face every day?

    You may skip bathing your newborn baby on a daily basis. However, you should clean his face, bottom, neck, and hands every day. Using warm water and a cotton ball for the same will be a good idea!

    Will it be a good idea to bathe a 2-month-old baby on a daily basis?

    A newborn baby needs only three to four baths in a week. However, if you feel your baby enjoys a bath, you may bath him daily!

    How long can a newborn baby go without a bath?

    As per the WHO or World Health Organisation, it is recommended to wait at least 24 hours to bathe a baby after birth. However, some doctors may wait for 48 hours or longer to bathe a baby for the first time.

    Can adults also use baby soap?

    Baby soaps and other kinds of baby products are very safe and mild for a baby’s skin. However, if an adult wishes to use the same products, they can be used to make your skin baby-soft and supple.