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    When it comes to babies, getting the right products for them can be quite nerve-racking. This is especially true for new parents, who are quite confused about what to get for their baby and which brand to choose. Here’s where bigbasket baby care plays a vital role by offering a wide range of baby care products from various national and international brands to choose from. At bigbasket you can find all the baby care essentials you’ll need to take care of your little one. From baby oils, baby cream and lotions, to diaper rash cream, baby shampoos, baby talc and much more, we have them all at bigbasket. Some of the major brands of baby care products available at bigbasket include Aveeno, , Himalaya baby cream, Mama Earth and Mee Mee. When it comes to baby care, one very essential product is baby lotion and baby cream. Many people are not fully aware of the importance of baby lotion and baby cream for a baby’s skin and usually skip including it in their baby care routine. Babies have extremely sensitive skin, this is no hidden secret. This makes their skin quite susceptible to dryness and cracking and if this problem is not dealt with at an early stage it can even lead to eczema. A good baby lotion or baby cream prevents that by moisturising the baby’s skin properly without making it too oily or greasy on the skin. Some of the best baby body lotion available at bigbasket are Johnson’s baby lotion, Sebamed Baby lotion and Aveeno baby lotion. There are different types of baby available in the market today besides the regular baby creams like Sebamed Extra soft baby cream, Milk and Rice Johnson’s baby lotion and Johnson and Johnson’s baby milk cream. Each of these baby creams has different specialities, so read their properties well before buying them. Another essential product for baby care is baby sunscreen. A baby’s skin can also get tanned and the UVA and UVB rays can cause a lot of damage to it. So, if you are stepping out of the house remember to put on baby sunscreen for your baby too. This is especially important if you live in cities with sunny climates or are visiting the beach with your baby. Diaper rash cream is another essential product that should form a part of your baby care kit as it comes in handy when your baby develops diaper rash. You can invest in a good diaper rash cream and nappy cream from bigbasket to solve this issue. If you are looking for the best baby lotion and baby moisturising cream then bigbasket is the place to be. Just browse through our huge selection of baby lotion and baby creams along with other baby care essentials and avail attractive deals. Another advantage of buying baby care products from bigbasket is that you can compare all the products and even read product ingredients to ensure you only buy the best baby lotion or baby cream for your precious little bundle of joy.