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    Men are not only anatomically different from women but even their skin is biophysically different from a woman’s skin. A man’s skin is nearly 20% thicker, more oily and tougher as compared to a woman’s skin and as such the need arises for separate grooming products for men that have been specifically designed to match their needs and requirements. Although a majority of brands cater to the fairer sex, there is still umpteen number of bands offering a range of men grooming products. One really popular men’s grooming brand is Wild Stone that offers a range of men’s grooming product right from wild stone soap, shaving, powder, deo to body sprays and perfume. The Wild Stone soaps are quite popular among the young population who love the fresh feeling and rich fragrance of the soaps that tends to linger on for quite some time. Not only that the kokum butter in the Wild Stone soaps nourishes and revitalises the body so you not only get fully refreshed but also end up with super soft and smooth skin after bathing with it. There are four different variants available of the Wild Stone deodorant soap namely – Wild Stone Cool soap, Wild Stone Ultra Sensual, Wild Stone Musk and Wild Stone Forest Spice. Wild Stone soaps are also pretty cheap and affordable and a single 75gm Wild Stone soap price is just Rs 23 for the ultra-sensual variant. Besides the soap, Wild Stone deodorants also enjoy massive popularity among the masses owing to its superior fragrances that lasts longer than usual deos. Wild Stone deo’s are available in 10 unique variants offering everything from fresh notes and warm fragrances to citrusy and woody notes to appeal to everyone. The best thing about Wild Stone deodorants is its low prices. A typical Wild Stone deo price is only Rs 169 for a 150ml pack, so you can smell great without burning a hole in your pocket. Even the Wild Stone body sprays are quite appreciated and are known for their elegant fragrance notes like aquatic notes, soothing notes of bergamot, citrusy notes, aqueous notes and robust fragrances that are designed to cater to every whims and fancy. So whatever be your choice you are bound to find your choice of Wild stone perfume. So just go ahead and try them all and get mesmerised with every whiff. And with Wild Stone Code price being so affordable you can happily own them all to match all your moods. For quite a long time men often used the same talcum powder used by the ladies that did nothing for them. Thankfully with Wild Stone’s range of talcum powders men now have some really fine masculine talcum powders to choose from. The Wild Stone talc is available in four exciting variants of which two are menthol based to beat the heat. These Wild Stone powders deodorise, softens and keeps one refreshed throughout the day, unlike the regular talc powders that just sit on the skin like heavy chalk powder. The Wild Stone talcs are available in convenient packs of 50gm, 100gm and 300gms and are all price optimally to be affordable to people across all sections of the society. You can easily find the entire range of Wild Stone Deo’s and grooming products online at bigbasket that too with exciting deals and discounts. So shop online for your grooming products from bigbasket and have it conveniently delivered to you at your doorstep the very next day. A famous brand which produces Skin Care and Personal Care products is Wild Stone. Deodorant Soap - Ultra Sensual,Body Deodorant - Aqua Fresh and Body Deodorant - Smoke and Red are 3 famous products by Wild Stone. The price range of Wild Stone products is between Rs. 40 and Rs.160. Through their constantly improving products sold at great prices, Wild Stone have gained the trust of thousands of Indian customers.

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