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    Buy Fortune Oils Online in India

    Fortune shall be foraying into a wider range of agri products besides cooking oils, starting with Besan. Fortune Sunlite Refined Sunflower Oil is fast moving product in market. It makes your food light, healthy and nutritious. Buy Fortune products Online in India at the best price. The price range of Fortune products is between Rs. 68 and Rs. 640. From the luxury of your homes, you can now order your favourite Fortune products like Fortune Oil - Mustard Kachi Ghani, Refined Oil - Sun Lite and many others online at Bigbasket.

    Fortune Products

    Consuming a healthy oil is a necessity for humans to survive and to maintain good health. Being healthy is extremely essential and everything depends on it ultimately. Be it anyone, we believe that having a healthy oil is necessary for all and Fortune oil is one of the best choices. The company Fortune was incorporated in 1989 and is based in Nasik, India. Fortune has been manufacturing fortune oil since then and is used widely by Indians. As our country has gone through numerous changes so has fortune oil and it has over the years introduced Fortune sunflower oil, Fortune rice and many other products. Many homes in India are now using its products for their family because of the health benefits contained. Fortune offers a wide variety of oil products such as fortune sunflower oil, fortune rice bran oil, fortune refined oil, fortune mustard oil, fortune soyabean oil, fortune vivo oil and so on. As we know health is wealth, fortune has taken great care in selecting the types of oil they produce. Fortune sunflower oil has many benefits such as Cardiovascular benefits, prevention of asthma and colon cancer, improving the immune system and so on. It is priced Rs.93.00 for a 910 gm pouch. Fortune rice bran oil has a neutral taste, contains good fat and is heart friendly with many other benefits, and it is priced Rs.107 for a 1 ltr pouch. The same oil pouches outside Bigbasket might cost you around Rs.120, so one needs to buy them wisely and avoid overspending. Fortune mustard oil boosts cardiac health, benefits the skin, improves hair health, treats gum disease and is priced Rs.130 for a 1 ltr bottle. Fortune refined oil is also a good choice as it is refined and is healthier. Also, fortune soyabean oil contains no trans fat, is low in saturated fat, is the key source of omega-3 fatty acids which is important for a good health and is priced Rs.90 for a 1 ltr pouch. For those who don’t know, Fortune vivo oil is used for diabetic patients as it rich in nutrients such as oryzanol, sesamin, tacopherols, and MUFA fatty acids. It is clinically proven that it will help optimize the insulin sensitivity of the body which helps in managing high blood sugar levels, and it is priced Rs.99.00 for a 1 ltr pouch. Fortune groundnut oil is a vegetable oil and it is naturally trans fat-free, cholesterol free, and low in saturated fats. Groundnut oil, also known as peanut oil, is high in unsaturated fats, especially monounsaturated fat, like the one found in olive oil. If you are not fond of olive oil, you may use this oil instead. It also benefits heart health. Besides oil, fortune produceS fortune rice and fortune basmati rice as well. As we all know rice is one of the main sources of carbohydrates that is essential for the body to function throughout the day and in the market full of contaminated products, it is necessary to provide your family with the best food that you can find. Fortune basmati rice is popular as it is diabetes-diet friendly, it is highly recommended for dieting and maintaining a healthy weight. It can lower blood pressure and has many more benefits. There are 3 different kinds of basmati rice in 1 kg and 5 kg pouch with reasonable prices. Order now on Bigbasket to gain full profit of the facility and for your family’s health.


    Fortune Brands was a holding company founded in 1969 as American Brands and later renamed in 1997 and split apart in 2011. The corporate headquarters was in Deerfield, Illinois in the United States. It was in 1999, that the Adani Group formed a partnership with Wilmar International to launch Adani Wilmar Limited and subsequently their flagship brand - Fortune cooking oil. The brand’s relentless dedication to quality, innovation and the promise of uncompromised health shot it to the No.1 position in the Indian cooking oil industry, within 20 months of its launch.