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    The BB Popular brand name is the indigenous category of bigbasket offering an assortment of commonly and most frequently ordered staples by online consumers. Predominantly featuring dry fruits teamed with groceries and staples, the ease of ordering fresh food tops the list of advantages of procuring it via bigbasket, the online grocery store. It is all about finding all these products under one head that attracts consumers. So opt for the online shopping of BB Popular products, alongside many other brands and products.

    Frequently Ordered Staples

    Different types of rice including masoori rice and steam rice can easily ordered via bigbasket. Pulses like moong dal and toor dal and legumes like kabuli channa and channa brown feature amongst the long list of provisions that are tagged under the BB Popular name. And if you are a lover of dry fruits, you can choose to order Indian raisins like Kishmish along with energy-rich whole cashew nuts. Looking to stock raw peanuts in your kitchen? Simply log on to bigbasket and include these protein-rich, heart-friendly nuts potent with the richness of biotin. Fill up your spice box with seeds of cumin, coriander, fenugreek along with black pepper. Spice up your evenings with exciting snacks churned out from besan flour, another offering of BB Popular brand.

    The Online Shopping Advantage

    Sparing you the effort of jotting down a long list of your monthly groceries’, simply log on to bigbasket and browse through the various categories of online food. Being just a click away from stocking your kitchen cabinets with various groceries and staples, bigbasket which offers the facility of home delivery is a blessing to households living in major Indian cities. Offering a choice between standard and fast-track delivery, you can accept the delivery of your online order at your doorstep at a time when you are available at home.

    Multiple Grocery Brands

    The Kashmir Brand of Saffron is enlisted on bigbasket along with the Grahini Brand of sambar and coriander powders. Popular with its Tuna Black Pepper offering is the Ayam Brand. Along with all these, another indigenous brand of bigbasket BB Royal has an equally long list of organic staples including varieties of raw rice like red rice and Rajmudi rice. Safe Harvest is another brand of staples offering broken rice along with spices and raw rice to online shoppers.