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    Probiotic Lactose Free

    Epigamia Artisanal Curd - Made with Cow's Milk, 400 g Cup

    Price: ₹100(₹0.25 / g)
    (inclusive of all taxes)
    Pack sizes
    400 gCup
    100(₹0.25 / g)
    6x400 gMultipack
    600(₹0.25 / g)

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    Epigamia Artisanal Curd - Made with Cow's Milk

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    Buy Epigamia Curd Artisanal 400 Gm Cup Online At Best Price

    Curd is a dairy product that is predominantly and popularly used in the Indian cuisine. In earlier times, households used to make their own curd by curdling milk. However, with a busy and hectic schedule, there is no time for that anymore. There are several brands that offer curd varieties in the market and people are constantly in the lookout for a high quality curd. Epigamia is one of the recent, yet most popular curd brands in the market. You can now buy Epigamia curd online on bigbasket. The Epigamia artisanala curd is fresh, creamy and absolutely delicious. It is the closest branded curd to home-made ones. The brand known for their yoghurts have understood the need for a good artisanal curd in India and has introduced it. It is also the first lactose free curd that you can find. You can find Epigamia curd in supermarkets around you, nevertheless, it is now available on bigbasket along with the brand’s other product lines. You can use this curd to mix with rice and eat as a meal. The curd is so fresh and rich that is used as a base to make several other dishes. Dips, sauces and margination of meat are most common uses of curd in any cuisine. The price of the Epigamia curd depends on the quantity that you wish to buy. The Epigamia artisanal curd 400 gm costs Rs.70 only. The Epigamia artisanal curd cup has solid packaging and helps keep the curd fresh for long period of time. What makes shopping on bigbasket even more exciting is our multi pack offers. You can also buy Epigamia pack of 2 curd if you happen to use a lot of it in your kitchen. Epigamia is a well reputed brand that provides high grade products and thus, you need not worry about the quality while buying them. But 400 gm Epigamia curd online on bigbasket and have it delivered to your doorstep. Keeping in mind that curd needs to be kept in a cool temperature, our well connected delivery team will have your curd delivered to you in the shortest time possible. Don’t forget to look out for amazing discounts and offers when shopping online with us. We understand the importance of customer and satisfaction, and make sure price and quality are two things that are uncompromised for. Complete your grocery and household shopping on bigbasket now. We are your one stop shop for your everyday needs, from the comfort of your house.