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    Yoghurt is a popular food item all around the world. It is produced by bacterial fermentation of milk and is said to have several health benefits. While the many parts of the world were inclined towards yoghurt, India had always considered curd as a form of yoghurt due to its similar properties. With the world moving towards a healthier lifestyle and yoghurt thriving in demand for its benefits, Indian markets are also now constantly on the outlook for good quality yoghurt. Epigamia greek yoghurt has been a breakthrough in the Indian market with its varieties of yoghurts. You can now buy Epigamia yoghurt on bigbasket’s online store. The brand Epigamia offers yoghurt in several flavours. Epigamia yoghurt blueberry, strawberry, vanilla and mango are some of the popular ones that you can find in the market. There is some flavor for every body’s liking and taste under this brand of yoghurts. You can have a look at the Epigamia greek yoghurt nutrition on bigbasket’s site while buying online from us. Each flavor’s nutritional value differs from one another in terms of added sugars and fat. You can pick the one that best suits your taste and need. Epigamia natural greek yoghurt is the plain flavor and can also be used as an ingredient in making other dishes such as dips and sauces. The Epigamia greek yoghurt price depends on the flavor and quantity that you wish to buy. To make their products more interesting and tastier, they also have a special pack that comes with crunchy granola along with the yoghurt. Epigamia has won the market with its specifications and taste and also customization. They have brought in their own version of misti doi and artisanal curd to suit the taste of their Indian market. These have been popular products in their product line for a while now. If you are looking to buy Epigamia greek yoghurt online, bigbasket has the entire range for you. Our efficient delivery team will have your Epigamia yoghurt delivered to you at your doorstep in perfect condition and hygienic packaging. Your shopping experience only gets better with several discounts, offers and deals that you can avail at our online store. We understand the importance of quality when it comes to any edible products, and only take on board the best of quality products. You no more need to step out to even your nearest grocery to buy your yoghurt. Shop online on bigbasket!