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    High Protein Low Fat

    Epigamia Greek Yogurt - Natural, No Added Sugar, High In Protein, 85 g Cup

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    Epigamia Greek Yogurt - Natural, No Added Sugar, High In Protein

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    Buy Epigamia Greek Yogurt Natural 90 Gm Online At Best Price

    In the quest for healthy eating, people have finally discovered Greek yoghurt which is known to be quite nutritious and has numerous benefits for the body, hair and skin. With so many health benefits to offer, ‘Greek Yogurt’ is rightly touted as a superfood. Greek Yogurt is actually quite similar to our traditional dahi but Greek yoghurt is thicker and creamy with the extra whey being drained out. Greek Yogurt is also more nutritious than our curd and while a single medium-sized bowl of curd contains 3 – 4 gms of protein, the same quantity of Greek Yoghurt contains around 8 – 10 gms of protein. Greek Yogurt’s nutritional profile is quite impressive and besides the rich protein content, Greek yoghurt also has a good amount of calcium, probiotics, iodine and Vitamin B – 12 to name a few. So the next time you reach out for a snack, go for the tasty and healthy Greek yoghurt to give you some health boost. Greek yoghurt turns the milk’s lactose into lactic acid, making it easier to digest and as such Greek yoghurt is seen as a great alternative to curd for lactose intolerant people. The low-calorie content of Greek yoghurt makes quite popular among fitness enthusiasts and in fact, Greek yoghurt is often recommended after workout sessions to soothe the muscles make the post-workout recovery faster and better. So buy Greek yoghurt online and enjoy a great post workout healthy snack. Some of the other health benefits of eating Greek yoghurt include – it improves bone health, aids in weight loss, boosts metabolism, improves gut health, boosts mental health, builds muscle mass, lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of type – 2 diabetes. A popular brand of Greek yoghurt found in India is the Epigamia Greek Yogurt. It is available in a convenient pack of 90 gm, 112gm and a larger 400gm pack to enjoy with friends and family. The 90gm Epigamia Yogurt price is only Rs 40 and is a great snack pack that you can enjoy on the run. You can easily buy Epigamia Greek yoghurt online from bigbasket and get them conveniently delivered to your home. Bigbasket offers a wide range of Epigamia Greek Yogurt in varied flavours and pack sizes. You can also find Epigamia pack of 2 Greek yoghurts at bigbasket to last you longer. Give your snack time a healthy overhaul and buy Epigamia Greek yoghurt online from bigbasket and start eating your way to good health. And with so many delicious flavours of Epigamia Greek yoghurt available you are guaranteed to never get bored of it.