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    Milky Mist Khova - Unsweetened, Creamy Texture, Milky Aroma, 200 g Pouch

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    Milky Mist Khova - Unsweetened, Creamy Texture, Milky Aroma

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    Buy Milky Mist Khova Unsweetened 200 Gm Pouch Online At Best Price

    Khova, Khoya or Mawa is a dairy product that is widely used in Indian cuisine. Khoya is widely used to prepare a variety of sweet delicacies and several savoury dishes. The use of a good khova is essential to the final outcome of any sweet or savoury dish it is used in. Khova is highly prized in Indian cuisine owing to its soft and grainy texture and the rich nutty flavour it adds to any dish. Khova originally emerged from Gujarat but today it is easily available throughout the country. However, with the growing demand of khova especially during the festive season, many adulterated versions of pure and authentic khova are being rampantly available in the local markets all over the country. As such it has become extremely important to be very careful while buying khova. One of the popular brands of dairy products that can be relied upon for pure khova is the Milky Mist dairy products. Milky Mist is widely renowned for its premium quality dairy products including khoya and it is due to this superior quality that Milky mist dairy products even find a following in the top hotels and institutions of our country. Although offering a premium quality dairy product the Milky Mist khova price averages on the lower side. The Milky mist khova is available in convenient packs of 200gm and 1 kg packs and has a shelf life of 25 days when kept refrigerated. The 200gm pouch milky mist khova makes for a great buy for a single use, to make something sweet for the family or to add them to make the gravies thick and rich in flavour. Although milky mist is easily available at almost all convenience store you can also easily find them online on bigbasket. Bigbasket has a huge assortment of varied dairy products right from milk powder, yoghurt to condensed milk and both the types of khova sweetened and unsweetened. If you are looking unsweetened khova look no further than bigbasket and buy unsweetened khova online and give your sweets a quality bump with the premium quality Milky mist khova. Bigbasket offers all the different types of dairy products of the milky mist brand. If you are looking for a superior quality dairy product that won’t break the bank then simply buy milky mist product online from bigbasket and get it safely delivered to you at your doorstep. Now that you can easily buy milky mist khova online why stress yourself at the local store, which in all probability offers a much substandard khova than your milky mist khova. Bring home Milky mist dairy products and feel the difference between Milky mist khova and other brands.