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    Bisleri Drinking Water With Added Minerals, 2 L Bottle

    MRP: ₹30
    Price: ₹28.2(₹14.1 / L)
    You Save: 6% OFF
    (inclusive of all taxes)
    Har Din Sasta!
    Pack sizes
    2 LBottle
    28.2(₹14.1 / L)
    306% OFF
    250 mlPack of 48
    288(₹6 / pc)
    250 mlPack of 24
    6(₹0.02 / ml)
    500 mlBottle
    9.4(₹0.02 / ml)
    106% OFF
    1 LBottle
    18(₹18 / L)
    2x1 LMultipack
    36(₹18 / L)
    5 LCan
    60(₹12 / L)
    2x2 LMultipack
    56.4(₹14.1 / L)
    606% OFF
    10 LCan
    103.4(₹10.34 / L)
    110₹7 OFF
    12 x 1 LMultipack
    216(₹18 / L)
    500 mlPack of 24
    240(₹10 / pc)
    1 LPack of 12
    240(₹20 / pc)
    24x500 mlMulti Pack
    225.6(₹0.02 / ml)
    240₹14 OFF
    2 LPack of 9
    270(₹135 / L)

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    Bisleri Drinking Water With Added Minerals

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    Buy Bisleri Mineral Water 2 L Bottle Online At Best Price

    We all note down a list of everyday necessities when we go grocery shopping. One very important thing that we often overlook is clean drinking water. Most of our body is made up of water and we need to stay hydrated in order to allow our body to function properly. While tap water is considered safe to drink in many parts of the world, India is still prone to water borne illness in many regions. Access to clean driking water is still unavailable to people from many parts of the country. Apart from water filter machines at home, there are some companies that provide packaged drinking water. Bisleri is one of the most popular brands for packaged drinking water. You can now buy Bisleri mineral water online on bigbasket’s online store. There has been enough emphasis given all throughout our lives for drinking ample amounts of water. Drinking water is the first step to self-care and has several positive health effects on our body. Some of the main benefits of drinking clean water is it helps maintain blood pressure, flushes out the toxins from your body, improves skin and hair health, improves digestive health and ensures proper functioning of all organs in the body. The Bisleri mineral bottle price of water depends upon the size of the bottle that you wish to buy. The Bisleri 2L mineral water bottle is priced at Rs.30 only and the 500 ml mineral water bottle is priced at Rs.10. There are also other brands of mineral water that is available in the market. The price of packaged mineral water may vary from one brand to another. While shopping online on bigbasket, you can be rest assured that your product is of top most quality and is well priced. We only have trusted brands and vendors on our platform. We understand the value of our customer’s money and offer amazing deals and discounts on our site. Look out for these deals when shopping online on bigbasket. Buy 1L mineral water bottle from the bisleri brand on bigbasket and have it delivered to your doorstep. Our home delivery system has made grocery shopping comfortable for many people all over the country. Water is an essential need in everyone’s life and it is their right to have clean drinking water made available to them. Bisleri makes this possible through their bottles and can of packaged drinking water.