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    Bisleri offers the range of products as Packaged Mineral Water and Bevereges. Bisleri have gained a good reputation for Mineral Water. Buy Bisleri products Online in India at the best price. The price range of Bisleri products is between Rs. 10 and Rs. 216. From the luxury of your homes, you can now order your favourite Bisleri products like Mineral Water and many other online at Bigbasket.

    Bisleri Water Bottles

    Pure water is something which is a basic necessity as well as a basic human right. But in today’s time where everyone and everything has become contaminated and adulterated there is still some hope for water provided by Bisleri water. Bisleri International Private Limited is a company which since the year 1965 is selling pure mineral drinking water to people. Bisleri water has always received amazing feedback for its good quality of content. With the development and progress now when pure water is easily available in packaged bottles you need not worry about the availability of clean drinking water as a bisleri water bottle will keep you covered. A bisleri bottle come in various sizes so as to suite the needs of their consumers such as a small 250 ml bisleri bottle to a 5 litre bisleri water can to a large sized bisleri 20 litre bottle. Bisleri products are not made just for the sake of business rather they are a promise - a promise of purity, a promise to care for you. Bisleri mineral water provides a refreshing taste along with total security from germs. Every bisleri water bottle is packed after passing through a rigorous 10 step quality process and many other tests to make sure that the water that reaches you is safe from any virus or bacteria. Now with the amazing Bigbasket platform you can even order bisleri water online without going out and buying from the crowded markets. The best part from buying bisleri water online is that along with exciting discounts you will get a bislery home delivery too. Bislery bottle prices are in within affordable range so that major portion of the public can have access to pure and clean drinking water. Bisleri 20 litre water pack is perfect for deal for a big gathering like for family use or office use in reasonable prices. Bisleri water bottle prices are often under great discounts on the Bigbasket platform which makes it quite attractive to the customer’s eyes as they get a wonderful combination of total purity with budget friendly prices. Isn’t this a dream come true in today’s world where many water borne diseases are spreading wildly? Bisleri water has been the customer’s most preferred and favourite choice for mineral water in India. Trusted for its purity, goodness and natural taste Bisleri is a brand name which has been a common name in the Indian households since long. Bisleri mineral water gives us the hope to have clean drinking water without the help of water purifiers too. With the help of Bigbasket platform buying these wonderful Bisleri bottles has become all the more easier. So, now don’t think of going out to buy Bisleri water bottles when you can do so easily by just few clicks.

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    Bisleri is a brand of bottled water in India. Bisleri was originally an Italian company created by Signor Felice Bisleri, who first brought the idea of selling bottled water in India. Bisleri originated in Italy in a place called Nocera Umbra from a spring called Angelica. In 1965, it was introduced in Mumbai in glass bottles in two varieties - bubbly & still. In 1969, it was bought over by Parle. As of 23 October 2012, Bisleri has 18 plants, 13 franchisees & 58 contract packers all over India. The brand name Bisleri is so popular in India that it is used as generic name for bottled water.