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    Original Taste

    Coca Cola Original Taste Soft Drink - Refreshing, 2 l Pet Bottle

    Price: ₹95(₹47.5 / L)
    (inclusive of all taxes)
    Pack sizes
    2 lPet Bottle
    95(₹47.5 / L)
    250 mlBottle
    18.8(₹0.08 / ml)
    206% OFF
    600 mlPet Bottle
    38(₹0.06 / ml)
    750 mlPet Bottle
    34(₹0.05 / ml)
    4015% OFF
    1.25 lPet Bottle
    65(₹52 / l)
    2x600 mlMulti Pack
    76(₹0.06 / ml)
    2x750 mlMulti Pack
    68(₹0.05 / ml)
    8015% OFF
    4x250 mlMultipack
    75.2(₹0.08 / ml)
    806% OFF
    1.75 lPet Bottle
    90(₹51.43 / L)
    3x600 mlMultipack
    114(₹0.06 / ml)
    3x750 mlMultipack
    102(₹0.05 / ml)
    12015% OFF
    6 x 250 ml(Multipack)
    112.8(₹0.08 / ml)
    120₹7 OFF
    2x1.25 LMultipack
    130(₹52 / l)
    2x2 LMultipack
    190(₹47.5 / L)
    6x1.25 LMultipack
    390(₹52 / l)
    12x750 mlMultipack
    408(₹0.05 / ml)
    48015% OFF
    6x1.75 LMultipack
    540(₹51.43 / L)
    12x1.25 LMultipack
    780(₹52 / l)
    24x750 mlMultipack
    816(₹0.05 / ml)
    96015% OFF
    12x1.75 LMultipack
    1080(₹51.43 / L)
    24x1.25 LMultipack
    1560(₹52 / l)
    24x1.75 LMultipack
    2160(₹51.43 / L)

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    Coca Cola Original Taste Soft Drink - Refreshing

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    Buy Coca Cola Soft Drink 2 L Bottle Online At Best Price

    With the heat of the sun getting on to you, the first thing that strikes our mind is a cold drink. Carbonated drinks are non-alcoholic drinks that instantly boost our energy levels for the day. When it comes to soft drinks, Coco cola stands almost synonymous to it. While you can find Coca cola anywhere in the supermarkets around you, you can also sit back at home avoiding the heat and have it delivered to you. Bigbasket makes it possible through its online store. Buy Coco cola soft drink online on our site now. It is not only a popular drink in India, but is one of the most preferred choice of soft drink all over the world. The soft drink offers the cola flavour, which is one a kind and this brand was the first to introduce it to the market. Coco cola comes in different varieties catering to its large base of customers. If you are conscious about the calories that you will be consuming by these sugary drinks, Coca cola zero and Diet coke is the right pick for you. Vanilla coke is another flavour that gained its popularity in the market for its dual flavour of cola and vanilla together. Coco cola price depends upon the size of the bottle that you wish to buy. The 2L Coca cola drink price is priced at Rs. 87. It is a very common option to pick up for parties that you host at home or otherwise. You can also buy the Coca cola 750 ml cold drink online for the price of Rs.37 only. The 1.25 ltr Coca cola bottle drink price is priced at Rs.60. You can pick the one that best suits your needs. Look out for our multipacks and discounts when shopping online with us. You might just find the best deals that you are looking for, for the big party that you are hosting. Buy Coca cola drink online on bigbasket and have it delivered to your doorstep. Our efficient delivery team will have them at your doorstep within hours of placing your order. You can also find an entire range of grocery and household shopping items when shopping online on bigbasket. You no more need to step out of your house to do your home based shopping. We have them all for you on our site. Quality and price is uncompromised on bigbasket, which makes it your friendly shopping paradise.