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    100% Pure No Sugar Adulteration

    Dabur 100% Pure Honey - Worlds No.1 Honey Brand With No Sugar Adulteration, 250 g

    MRP: ₹120
    Price: ₹114(₹0.46 / g)
    You Save: ₹6 OFF
    (inclusive of all taxes)
    Pack sizes
    250 g
    114(₹0.46 / g)
    120₹6 OFF
    1.3 kgPet Bottle
    488(₹375.38 / kg)
    61020% OFF
    50 gBottle
    39.48(₹0.79 / g)
    426% OFF
    100 gBottle
    63.92(₹0.64 / g)
    686% OFF
    500 g
    228(₹0.46 / g)
    240₹12 OFF
    1 Kg
    418(₹418 / kg)
    47512% OFF

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    Dabur 100% Pure Honey - Worlds No.1 Honey Brand With No Sugar Adulteration

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    Dabur 100% Pure Honey, 250 gm with 30% Extra

    Honey is naturally sweet and contains no added sugar which is why you can add it to all your food that you want to sweeten. And there are no better options than the 250 grams pure Dabur honey. Refined sugar is very addictive and not at all good for your body which is why to cut out all refined sugar from your diet, you need to buy 250 grams Dabur Honey right away. This 250 grams pure Dabur Honey makes its way to you all the way from the purest sources from Sunderbans, Himalayas and other specified regions. There is absolutely no adulteration whatsoever. You can just taste pure wholesome honey that instantly adds the sweet in sweet-dish. The 250 grams Dabur honey bottle doesn’t just make your food better. It can also help you stay fit. Put a little bit of honey in warm water and drink it every morning and see the incredible weight loss that follows. Dabur honey also comes in handy when you have a sore throat due to cough and cold or fever. The Dabur pure honey can bring a lot of relief to your scratchy throat. This Dabur honey products is packed with anti-oxidants. It can also help lower your blood pressure. Honey contains a lot of nutrients. It can be used by diabetics as well. It is also great to control cholesterol. Dabur honey can also lower triglycerides. Honey is also great for burn and wound healing. The 250 grams Dabur honey price keeps varying but given all the value packs and offers and discounts available on bigbasket, you can get a pretty good deal on the Dabur honey price. You can get a 250 gram pouch or a 100 gram pouch whatever suits your household needs on bigbasket and get it delivered to your home at a time that is convenient to you.