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    Buy Honey Online

    Honey is used in foods and beverages as a flavoring agent. Honey is also consumed directly as it is very good for health. It also has a high medicinal value and is used in the treatment of cough, cold and some other ailments. It is also used as a spread with bread. Apart from honey we also have peanut butter. Peanut butter is a bread spread that is made from dry roasted peanuts. Peanut butter is very popular in America and has now become popular in India too in the recent years. There are two varieties of peanut butter. While some of us prefer the smooth peanut butter, most of us like to have the crunchy peanut butter that has pieces of nut bits in it. Yummy honey is a food substance that is produced by bees from the secretion of sugar they procure from plants and other insects. While consuming an excess of white sugar is considered harmful as it may increase blood sugar levels, weight gains and increases the risk of cardio diseases. So many people substitute white sugar with honey as honey is rich in antioxidants which are vital for a healthy body. The antioxidant properties of honey can help you reduce the risk of heart diseases. Honey has been enormously used as a medicine for over 5000 years now. Honey also has medicinal properties as it can be used for losing weight. Consume Dabur honey with a glass of warm water and lemon juice in the morning is considered to be ideal for your weight loss journey. You must trust branded products for original honey like Manuka honey and Dabur honey. Order organic honey online from bigbasket which has a 1-day delivery options. By examining the colour of honey, you can determine if it is pure honey or not. Golden amber colour honey is generally considered pure as compared to dark coloured honey. You can test the purity of honey at home as well. When you drop a spoon of honey into a glass of water you will find that pure honey will settle at the bottom of the water whereas duplicate honey will dissolve quickly in water. Raw honey is widely used for cooking a variety of dishes in India. Honey can also be used as a dip for fried food for an added taste.

    Buy Honey Online in India

    Our online store provides honey in various quantity jars. We have honey products from companies like Dabur, Gold Drops, Heavena, 24 Letter Mantra and Pro Nature. These also consist of Organic Honey. You are free to choose the variety and quantity that fits your requirements. Our online store also provides peanut butter from Sundrop. Here you will find both the creamy variety as well as the crunchy one. So you are free to choose the peanut butter you like. All these products have discounts on them so that you can get it at a cheaper price than you will get it at the market. Shop for these jams and spreads from our bigbasket and you will definitely come back for more!

    Several Benefits of Honey

    For Skin: Healthy glowing skin can be achieved by adding honey to your face packs. Antioxidant-rich honey will reduce wrinkles on the face. Honey also has anti-bacterial properties thereby reduces acne. For Cough: Honey is considered a natural remedy for treating cough. Regular intake of honey has reduced cough at night-time in children and has helped in getting good sleep. For body: Honey has been and is still used in Ayurveda medicines from 4000 years for treating digestion related problems and for curing imbalances in the body. Energy booster: A tablespoon of honey has about 17 grams of carbohydrates which is instantly converted into energy. Memory booster: Consuming honey regularly can prevent cellular damage and boosts brain development. Treating wound: Egyptians used honey for treating wounds. Rubbing honey on the wound reduced the burning sensation of the wound and helps in recovering faster. A remedy for dandruff: Honey is used for reducing dandruff in the scalp due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Now that you know so many miraculous benefits of honey you can get the best honey in India online on Big Basket. Reduce your sugar intake and replace it with honey and avail the benefits of consuming organic honey. Use honey in your sweets and shakes for improved taste and health. Indulge your body and soul and include honey in your diet for a happier tomorrow.