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    bb Royal Phool Makhana, 100 g Pouch

    MRP: ₹150
    Price: ₹141(₹1.41 / g)
    You Save: ₹9 OFF
    (inclusive of all taxes)
    Har Din Sasta!
    Pack sizes
    100 gPouch
    141(₹1.41 / g)
    150₹9 OFF
    200 g
    428(₹2.14 / g)
    440₹12 OFF

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    bb Royal Phool Makhana

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    Buy Bb Royal Phool Makhana 100 Gm Online At Best Price

    Fox nuts, better known as Phool makhana or makhana in the country, is actually the seed of lotus flower. It is widely used throughout the country in the preparation of sweet and savoury dishes like kheer, raita or makhana curry. The ghee roasted makhanas considered satvik food is also consumed as a fasting food. The low-calorie content and high nutrient value also makes Phool makhanas a popular tea time snack. The fox nuts not only help in losing weight but also carries tons of other health benefits like it slows down the ageing process, regulates blood pressure, makes bones stronger, good for heart health, reduces inflammation, detoxifies the spleen and much more. Such is the nutritional value of Phool makhanas that they are considered superior to dry fruits such as almonds, walnuts, coconut and cashews in terms of protein, sugar, ascorbic acid and phenol content. Makhanas have also been medically used to treat varied body conditions since ancient times, mention of which can be found in the ayurvedic scriptures. Phool makhana is easily available at any local convenience store, however, most of these are of lower grade and are small and dried. For great quality Phool makhanas buy Phool makhana online from bigbasket. The in-house organic food brand Bb Royal of bigbasket offers superior Phool makhanas at affordable rates. The Bb Royal makhanas are available in 50gm and 100gm packs. The 100 gm Bb Royal makhana price is Rs 150, however, bigbasket offers an attractive discount of 36% on the bb Royal 100 gm Phool makhana and so you can buy organic premium Phool makhanas for only Rs 96. With such an incredible discount on offer on premium organic Phool makhanas, stop haggling at your local store and buy Bb Royal Phool makhana online from the comfort of your home and get your makhanas delivered intact in good condition. Bring home the incredibly healthy Phool makhanas and start enjoying a healthy snack in place of the fried junk that you put in your mouth. Phool makhanas would not only taste great but would also add to your health with every bite.